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Access the most comprehensive database in the country with over 400,000 public and private jobs to help you win more opportunities. Access 64 market segments and 1,500 sub categories to help you to better select tenders that are relevant to your business.

Receive tender alerts before your competitors

On average, we capture and report 15-20% more tenders than other providers so you can make your pitch first. Receive multiple tender opportunity notifications via email that specifically match your pre-selected criteria. Opportunities are emailed to you within a few hours of becoming available, some up to 24 hours before they are publically known. 

Better planning

Know when contracts will expire so you can plan for future opportunities before they are advertised.


Advertise tenders within the portal

Advertise your tenders through Tenders Online to gain maximum exposure to a wide selection of competitive bids. A customised webpage can be linked to your own site, eliminating the need for additional IT costs. Take advantage of a range of flexible options to drive competitive quotes.

Increase competition – Access tens of thousands of quality suppliers matching your purchasing criteria, develop and create your own database of local suppliers for all types of purchases and develop and create Vendor Panel arrangements for off-contract purchasing.

Improve supplier engagement – Communicate and interact faster, supplier compliance records management and supplier driven database management. 

Evaluation tool – The Tenders Online evaluation tool uses the ACEA Weighted Matrix System,  which was developed by the Association of Consulting Engineers Australia and is used extensively throughout the State and Local Government sector in relation to tender assessment.

Facilitating Procurement Best Practice – Integrity and Fairness: Your council is committed to fairness in its dealing with contractors and suppliers, accurate management of information and transparent audit trails and improved customer service.

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