Buyers Perceptions of Real Estate Agents examines the value of buyers to real estate agents. Real estate agents in Australia are only paid by a commission from the property seller, so a practice has developed where agents put all their energy into vendors and ignore buyers. This report finds that agents who care for buyers are able to increase their listing referrals and conversions and examines how excellence in the ‘soft skills’ of communication, empathy and fast response times to buyers make agents stand out from the crowd, and can grow an agent’s business.

Who should use this report?

This report is essential reading for real estate principals, sales agents, franchise executives and property industry trainers or anyone wanting to better understand service levels within the real estate industry. 

What do I receive?

  • Welcome
  • Executive Summary
    • Key findings
    • Key statistics
  • Methodology
  • Buyer Insights
  • Buyer Research
  • Buyer Satisfaction
    • Are buyers harder to please than sellers?
  • Agent Skill Levels
    • Buyer comments on price guides
  • Agent Behaviour
    • Buyer comments on honesty
  • Specific versus General Agent Behaviour
    • How ‘my agent’ performed
    • What buyers want
    • Hallmarks of service excellence
  • The cynicism of those still searching
  • Buyer recommendations & repeat business
    • Behaviours that alienate buyers
    • The power of follow up
  • How Buyer & Vendor Perceptions compare
  • Conclusion