Vendor Perceptions of Real Estate Agents examines what factors influence a vendor in choosing a real estate agent to sell their home and provides insights into how successful agents are at delivering excellence in these categories.

This report finds that while agents are excellent at product knowledge – understanding their local property market and marketing and selling properties successfully – these are ‘hygiene’ factors that are expected by vendors which need to be present but do not constitute ‘excellence’. The differentiators to excellent service lie in the softer skills of communication, empathy and accountability but these are mastered by only a minority of agents.

Who should use this report?

This report is essential reading for real estate principals, sales agents, franchise executives and property industry trainers or anyone wanting to better understand service levels within the real estate industry. 

What do I receive?

  • Executive Summary
  • Respondent Profile & Methodology
  • Introduction
  • Vendor sale insights
  • Agent selection process
  • Agent profile
    • Male and female agents: is there a difference?
  • Agent market knowledge
  • Agent skill levels
  • Vendor knowledge and market awareness
  • How Vendor’s feelings about their Agent changed throughout the sales process
  • Vendor satisfaction levels with the price achieved
  • Vendor rating of the overall sale experience
  • Vendor recommendations
  • The impact of data on the quality of vendor experience
  • Conclusions
    • The surprises
    • What agents do poorly
    • 6 behaviours to improve service