LinkedIn® offers Real Estate Agents a large group of potential customers as well as the capabilities to target them. Here’s how to use it to its full potential in your marketing tactics to boost sales.

There's no doubt that Facebook and YouTube are popular marketing channels for most businesses. As of January 2017, it was reported that the channels attract 16 million and 14 million active users in Australia respectively. However, sometimes the best opportunities can be found in smaller social media channels that have less competition. Here are 13 tips to help you get the most from LinkedIn and its 3.6 million active users.

1. Build rapport with cold leads

When you have a great new lead through a property data provider like RP Data Professional, you can use LinkedIn to build rapport with your new prospect. If your ideal clients are professionals, there's a good chance that they will have a LinkedIn profile. The difference between Facebook and LinkedIn is that many LinkedIn profiles are public. A public profile is likely to give you information on where the prospect has worked, the industry he/she is in, and connections you may both know. Information such as previous employers or cities they've worked in may be able to give you some common ground to build a relationship on.

2. Connect with other local businesses

As mentioned in the 50 Growth Hacking Tips to Growing Your Real Estate Business[AC1] [BG2] , one of the most effective ways to generate new leads is to partner with other local businesses. Take note of local businesses and use the LinkedIn search function to look up the most appropriate contact.

3. Create high value content

Be known as the local real estate expert in your network. Create LinkedIn articles that speak to market trends in your area. With RP Data Professional you can extract information on property data and market trends and inject your opinion on the data. Having your articles visible in other people's news feeds help to keep you top of mind. To learn more about publishing articles on LinkedIn, visit their website for a step-by-step guide.

4. Network within LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn groups are a great way to connect with other professionals in your industry. A group like Australasian Real Estate Professionals has over 9,000 members and is a great place to exchange ideas.

5. Keep your company page up to date

Buying and selling a property can be a big emotional and financial investment. It's important to have social platforms where prospects can get to know you and your company. Ensure your LinkedIn company page is up to date with contact details, your philosophy and company values. Ask for testimonials and recommendations from previous clients. Request colleagues to endorse you for your skills. Ensure your profile is free from jargon and that the information you include genuinely offers value to readers.

6. Use LinkedIn to connect with journalists

Housing prices and market trends continue to be topical news, and journalists will always be looking for expert sources for commentary. Have a look at recent real estate articles and make note of relevant journalists. Comment and share their articles to show you are engaged with their content. That way when you do get in touch, your name will seem familiar.

7. Upgrade to premium to identify interested buyers/sellers

There's a good chance that your listing prospects are doing their research before they contact you. Upgrade to LinkedIn Premium and you can see who has viewed your profile. It also allows you to send messages to prospects you have not yet connected with.

8. Update your profile with your latest wins

Case studies, testimonials and recommendations are a great way to build trust and confidence with your prospects. Don't neglect your own LinkedIn profile. Upload your recent homes sold, current listings and include any testimonials you may have.

9. Engage with your network

Social media channels aren't just a way to broadcast your information. They can be used to foster relationships with your network. Comment and like posts where you can add genuine value to your network. Share posts that your audience may be interested in. Doing so will keep your name and brand top of mind and visible in your network's feeds.

10. Optimise your profile

Like other social media channels, LinkedIn has its own way to determine what information and posts to display to others. It looks for keywords and themes to help users find the most relevant matches to their search queries. When writing your LinkedIn description and profile, keep in mind keywords people are likely to search for. For example, if your business is based in Rhodes you may want to incorporate words like 'property in Rhodes', 'real estate in Rhodes' or 'homes sold in Rhodes'.

Customise the URL to your LinkedIn profile. Include your name and job title, for example, You can change your URL by clicking 'edit' in your profile.

11. Leverage sponsored content to attract new readers

If you know that one of your articles is performing well, consider pushing it out to a larger audience using sponsored posts. Ideally, the post would have a call to action where readers could enter their contact details so you can keep in touch with them after they've signed up for your mailing list.

12. Use LinkedIn to promote your other channels

Social media channels work best when they are integrated with one another. Define what you'd like to achieve with each social media channel and cross promote where relevant. For example, you may want to use Instagram as a channel to upload homes for sale, Facebook to post events, open homes and auctions and LinkedIn to share your recent wins, professional affiliations and business related advice.

13. Use custom audiences to target paid media

Similar to Facebook ads, LinkedIn enables businesses to target ads with 'Matched Audiences'. 'Matched Audiences' is a feature that enables businesses to market to LinkedIn members who have visited your website, send ads to people on your mailing list, and target prospects by their location, job title, seniority level, gender and age. With the right advertising message and call to action, the sky is the limit when it comes to expanding your business pipeline. For more information on Matched Audiences, visit LinkedIn.

LinkedIn can help you reach your audience and, when done right with genuine intentions and value, you can identify prospects and grow your business even with a small budget. Want to know how CoreLogic can help you gain more leads and business? Contact our team.



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