Become the go-to agency for your local area by promoting your own achievements

You've got great sales. Your customers love you. You want to scream it from the rooftops. You want to tell your friends, your family, passers-by on the street - well, anyone. Creating an A4-size flyer with the picture of your latest sale just doesn't cut it anymore. You can do better!  

Success is your brand

Engaging people in your area by organising a "celebration of success" campaign can serve to give your agency a competitive advantage against others  and gain positive brand visibility. It is also an opportunity to interact with locals to generate sales leads.

Celebrating your success with the local residents can help foster a positive perception  of your agency while giving it an aura of competence.  This can help drive customers to your agency over your competitors.  The kicker is, a brand which is already established as competent at what it does, will be perceived as even more competent if their communication and general perception is accepted as approachable, demonstrated by regular engagements with locals. These factors can help your brand grow significantly.

There are many techniques to get the message out. Peggy Willcox of Mooney Real Estate in Penrith prepaid for 500 free coffees at a local cafe, surprising coffee goers with a free coffee and a business card. "It was a small gesture but very well received. We were sent emails thanking us for the coffee. We just wanted to share the excitement of opening our new office." 

Where to start?

It doesn't have to cost the earth. Think of personal and creative ideas, big or small, that will leave a lasting, positive impression and go a long way to generating sales leads.

To help you start thinking of ways to celebrate your success, we've put together 5 ideas for you to consider:

  • Give free balloons to kids at the local shopping centre or markets, while handing out a flyer to their parents showcasing your agency's latest big sales.
  • Sponsor a free coffee upsize at local cafes. Supply branded coffee cups and a flyer on the benefits of living in the local area.
  • Organise a BBQ outside your office, with proceeds from the sausage sizzle going to a local charity. Tastefully arrange branding materials and signage around the BBQ for added exposure.  
  • Hold a movie night at the local cinema and invite past clients and potential sellers. Have them follow your social media platforms to find out the event details. 
  • Commit a certain percentage of sale commissions to a local charitable cause. Promote this on social media and even link to a crowd funding page to keep the donation momentum going. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and celebrate! After all, it could get you more sales leads. Next time you make a sale, get creative and let the locals know. 

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