Check the status of your ValEx order through RP Data Pro

ValTracker is a new feature inside RP Data Pro that enables brokers and lenders to have the right conversations at the right time, to help put the customer at ease and to ensure timely intervention can occur when issues arise.

It enables a fast and easy way to check the status of ValEx valuation orders, provides greater transparency to the valuation process and helps manage any potential problems that could cause delays to a valuation order.

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Follow a Valuation Order

Any full valuation that was ordered via ValEx, where you have the borrower surname and ValEx ID, can be checked in RP Data Pro.

View Valuation Order Details

If there’s a delay or action required on a valuation, RP Data Pro will show you the current status as well as the history. Use your normal support channels if you run into any issues.

Provide Great Customer Service

Keep your buyers informed on the status of their valuation.


Get a snapshot of all or your orders, or details about a specific order, and quickly address any issues or delays.

Get Notified

Receive Push Notifications when the status of the valuation changes to delayed or completed for immediate action.

Sync with PropertyHub

Connect your account with your Property Hub to get your valuations added seamlessly to ValTracker.

How to follow a Valuation Order

Watch this quick video on how to use ValTracker, or view more details by reading below.

Go to Your Watchlist

Tap on the Watchlists icon on the menu bar.

Choose How you want to Add Valuations

Tap on Add Valuation and then choose between manually adding a valuation and syncing with PropertyHub.

Manually Adding

Enter the borrower’s surname, ValExID and ASIC ID (optional).

Syncing with PropertyHub

Enter your PropertyHub Email address and follow the instructions to complete the process.

Ready to be tracked

Once your valuations have been added, it will now be visible in the Valuations section of the Watchlist. Click on the valuation to get further details on its status or view details from the Property Detail page for the address.