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What is Mobile Lister?

Mobile Lister is a pre-listing presentation tool for use by subscribing RP Data real estate agents. Think of it as your digital CMA and a whole lot more...

  • With the help of Mobile Lister, RP Data powered agents can now choose to hold a variety of independent conversations with a potential vendor. You are in complete control of the conversations and the data displayed where and when you need it.
  • Establish credibility by telling the vendor a little about yourself, your sales philosophy and the recent wins (sales) you have made in the local area.
  • Tour the Vendor’s property collecting notes and actions as you go so that you accurately appraise the property and help the vendor arrive at the right listing price.
  • Examine with your vendor your area’s statistics as well as comparable listings and recent sales (all pre selected by you).
  • Collaboratively sit with your vendor and use RP Data’s unique Price Setter tool to help the vendor position the value of their property in amongst local listings and sales.
  • Create a comprehensive email summary report of your conversations with your vendor and send it to them.
1. Will Mobile Lister work on my iPhone?

No. Mobile Lister is an iPad only application. As a pre listings tool, more screen real estate is required that what’s available on most phones.

2. This looks great, but I have an Android device. Will there be an Android version soon?

We’re always happy to look at developing applications for new emerging technologies. iPad is currently the predominant tablet device in the Australian Market. However this technology space is always changing. So we’d like to be guided by you on this point. Let us know. Fill in the feedback form on the menu

3. What properties can I search for with Mobile Lister?

Mobile Lister can look up and present any properties available within your current RP Data subscription area.

4. I am already using Mobile Pro (RP Data’s iPhone app). Can I now also be logged in to Mobile Lister at the same time as Mobile Pro?

Yes you can.

  • Mobile Pro is your mini property system in your pocket (on your iPhone)
  • Mobile Lister is your pre-listings presentation tool to help you win new business from potential Vendors. We fully expect you may want to install and run them both at the same time.
  • Mobile Lister installed on your iPad + Mobile Pro installed on your iPhone is okay
  • Mobile Pro installed on your iPad + Mobile Lister installed on your iPad is also okay
5. Can I use Mobile Lister on more than one iPad?

Yes, you can install it on as many iPads as you like.  However you can only use one at a time.

When you login to Mobile Lister on one iPad, the other iPads will be logged out.

6. When I use Mobile Lister I keep being told I have logged in on another device and I must now login again... Why?

Because we do not allow a single user account to be shared widely. You may install Mobile Lister on as many iPads as you like.  However you can only use one at a time.

7. Can I use my RP Data subscription from my computer and use Mobile Lister at the same time?

Yes this is possible. You are most welcome to log in to your RP Data subscription on your computer and Mobile Lister on your iPad at the same time.

8. Can I use Mobile Lister concurrently with my iPhone and iPad?

No, because you cannot install Mobile Lister on your iPhone. It is only available as an iPad application in App Store.

9. What data is available to me to view on the Mobile Lister iPad Application?

All the properties available to you in your RP Data subscription can also be presented on the Mobile Lister iPad Application.

10. How accurate is the AutoVal in Mobile Lister?

The AutoVAL Estimate is a computer generated estimate of the property’s value today. The estimate takes into account a number of criteria including recent sale values of similar properties within the same geographical location. It is a guide value only and it should not to be substituted for use as a Professional Appraisal. We think our AutoVal may however help facilitate your conversation with the vendor and help to assist with agreeing the listing price. For further details on the RP Auto Val, click here.

11. How does Price Setter work?

Price setter is a unique conversation which we think helps you and your vendor to collaboratively agree on a listing price range. You are in complete control. You select the properties to be appraised between you and the vendor AND then at your discretion you select the “Calculate” button to reveal RP Data’s estimated listing range which is based on a combination of the listing range values that you pre set and the properties you selected as comparables for your Vendor to rate.

12. How do I add my Vendor’s property?
  • Select the “+” symbol located in the top right hand corner located under the ‘Presentation’ menu.
  • Select the ‘Create New Presentation’ button from the bubble.
  • Select ‘Vendor’s Property’ from the Main Menu.
  • Select ‘Property’ from the ‘Edit Vendor’s Property’ menu.
  • Type your property address in the address bar or use the map below it.
  • As you type, predictive address options will appear.
  • Select your vendor’s address when it appears.
13. How do I search for a unit?
  • Follow the steps in the above answer.
  • Except when you type the predictive address, include the unit number.
  • For example: 3/89 Example Street, Placeville VIC 3000.
14. How do I search for all the units in a block?
  • Same as the instructions above.
  • Except, type the street address (without the unit number).
  • For example: 89 Example Street, Placeville VIC 3000
  • All the units in the building will appear in a list. Scroll through the list and select your correct unit.
15. Does using Mobile Lister consume one of the "sessions" purchased with my RP Data subscription?

No it does not consume a session. Sessions refers to the number of concurrent users who can access the RP Data property systems via a web browser. We do not enforce session management on mobile devices.

16. How do I log out?

Select the "My Profile" menu item then select the <Logout> button in the header menu.

17. Who can I contact for more information on Mobile Lister?

Please contact our Customer Care Team on 1300 734 318 or via our enquiry form 


The automated valuation report you are about to order is computer generated and is not a professional opinion or appraisal. This report should not be used in lieu of a professional appraisal under any circumstances. The report depends on information (including, where applicable, information provided by you) relating to the property for which the report is ordered and relating to properties in the same general area, suburb, town and State in which the property is located. Such information may be incomplete or wrong, negatively impacting the accuracy of the report. The report is based on one or more statistical models which rely upon assumptions and which may not capture every feature relevant to the value of a particular property, may not take into account improvements to the property, and may be different if ordered on a different day. The report also does not take into account the potential impact of external factors, such as a change in interest rates or general economic conditions, or other factors, such as the impact of planned infrastructure or housing projects or environmental contamination on the property, the impact of which are more difficult to capture but which may affect the value of the property. Accordingly, the report should not be relied upon by you or any other person, including when making any decision in connection with selling, buying, listing, financing or insuring any property.