Cordell Costings

Create estimates and quotes quickly, easily and accurately to win more business and improve your profitability.

4 ways Cordell Costings helps your business

  1. Save time – create building estimates quickly and easily. Our clients tell us they now estimate jobs in hours rather than days.
  2. Win more business – avoid losing jobs from over quoting with accurate and easy to understand costing data.
  3. Make more profit – avoid losing money from underquoting with quick and accurate quotes.
  4. Peace of mind - get your quotes just right by creating accurate and consistent costings
  • Templates for every sized job – from small through to large
  • Database selections customised to the type of work you are doing and designed to give you the data you
  • Location based costs
  • Line by line or elemental data
  • Reporting functionality
  • Ability to export estimates
  • Pricing based on data created from thousands of products
  • Ability to add overheads and add your own pricing and items and save for reuse.

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For more information regarding the Cordell Estimating Datasets, download the following brochures

Cordell Construction Cost Data-m2 Datasets Cordell Construction Cost Data-Fundamental
Cordell Construction Cost Data-Elemental  
Frequently Asked Questions

How does Cordell Costings work?
Cordell Information has been collecting construction data since 1971. Our huge datasets know the average cost of nearly all the components that go into building and construction – both in terms of materials and trade hours. This creates pricing based on thousands of products to help you avoid under or over quoting.

Do I need to start from scratch?
No, you do not need to build your projects from scratch in our database. We have templates and ‘recipes’ that will help you quickly get started with typical projects.

Can I override costs and put in my own rates?
Yes. You can enter your own costs and save them for future reference to use on future jobs. You can even add various overheads.

Do I need to input all of my costing data?
No, our Estimator Platinum can even cost jobs based on the plans that you upload into the system by quickly “grabbing” the costs associated with sections of the plan that you highlight.

What are the names of the products through which I can access Cordell Costings?
Our main product in this section is Estimator Platinum, however, you can also access the costings databases through our API or our calculators.