Geospatial & Local Business Intelligence

Gain real business insight and make informed decisions

CoreLogic can work with you to establish which geospatial or location business intelligence (LBI) solution is right for your business and how you can integrate it into your current systems and processes, everything from risk management and understanding your current assets to the planning of future ones.

5 ways Geospatial and LBI solutions can help your business

  1. Meaningful, actionable insight – because location business intelligence can simplify complex “real world data” you are empowered to make better, more confident business decisions.
  2. Reduce risk & identify opportunity – location business intelligence and visualisation can make complex information easy to communicate, allowing you to more readily identify the hazards or risks your business faces, as well as uncover opportunity.
  3. Asset management– better manage your key assets and infrastructure with our unique geospatial analytics and visualisation (eg. where are our assets, where are our clients and where are our sales?).
  4. Plan and model future assets, or infrastructure – plan the optimal location of your future business assets or infrastructure, gain insight into who you should target and where you should focus your efforts.
  5. Improve information management – territory, field or asset data can be managed and shared more efficiently creating real value for your business. 




Frequently Asked Questions

What industries in particular can benefit the most from CoreLogic LBI and geospatial solutions?

All industry verticals can benefit from LBI & geospatial solutions, but CoreLogic works most extensively with telcos, utilities, government, transport & logistics, financial services, real estate, retail and insurance

Do I need to be a large business or organisation to benefit from LBI and geospatial solutions?

No, CoreLogic can help organisations of all types and sizes with our “off the shelf” LBI products and services through to fully bespoke, custom built solutions.

Can CoreLogic help me bring my own organisational data to life?

Absolutely. For example, we can take our location based property data and combine this with your customer data to help visualise opportunity, risk or exposure. It is all about bringing greater meaning to data and uncovering insights that may not have otherwise been obvious.