Lead Generation

Helping you identify and win new customers

The market intelligence inside CoreLogic’s platforms and analytics don’t just inform you about the status of the property or construction market. They also provide excellent insights into consumer behaviour and can provide valuable leads to help you win more business.

6 types of Lead Generation Solutions to help your business: 

  1. Predictive analytics – our data scientists have analysed millions of property transactions to identify triggers across hundreds of data points that flag when a client is likely to sell their home or move, which in turns is a signal to many other purchasing behaviours.
  2. Customer data analysis our analytics teams analyse your data sets and wash them against our extensive property databases together with our trademarked demographic and consumer behaviour insights. The result is a deeper understanding of your existing customers, how to target new customers that behave just like them, and a strategy on where to find them.
  3. Targeted sales leads – receive automated alerts on new leads that meet your sales criteria based on our big data-driven insights across both residential and construction data. Get them delivered to your desktop or on your phone.
  4. Target your marketing – improve the effectiveness and reduce the cost of your marketing with more targeted campaigns that reach the people more likely to use your product or services to generate more leads.
  5. Online engagement– make your website sticky and become a lead generation engine by engaging visitors interactively and providing highly valuable information in return for contact details.
  6. Data ingestion – create bespoke solutions within your own platforms based on property ownership and consumer behaviour identified in our data and ‘plumb in’ a direct feed into your systems using our APIs.