Marketing & Advertising

Stay ahead of the competition and win more business with targeted marketing and advertising solutions

6 ways our Marketing & Advertising solutions can help your business

  1. Identify consumers who are currently experiencing a life event which increases the likelihood of them requiring your service and target them via multiple digital platforms.
  2. Save marketing dollars through improved segmentation to ensure your message is seen by your target audience. 
  3. Access to a privacy compliant database of prospects to execute a multi-channel marketing strategy.
  4. Sell more vendor-paid advertising. Show property vendors data-based evidence about the value of your marketing campaign so they are more willing to accept your recommendations as a real estate agent.
  5. Increase campaign response rates through our products that allow for personalisation of your marketing material with the name and address of the person you are targeting and information that is directly relevant to their circumstances. We also advise if occupants are able to be called by phone.
  6. Supercharge your social media. Use property data as one of your social media targeting identifiers to put your social campaigns in front of people most likely to use your product or services.