Mobile & Digital Solutions

Access property data anywhere, anytime, on any device

Don’t be stuck behind a desk! Access our property and construction data directly on your smart phone or connect via our API and you can research, problem solve and receive leads from anywhere at any time of the day. Our mobile and digital solutions give you more ways to stay connected and informed.

5 types of Mobile and Digital Solutions to help your business

  1. Research– look up properties, check ownership details, make comparisons and understand values to position yourself as an expert to your clients, and have the information to make better decisions faster.
  2. Information to suit you - customise your websites, apps, dashboards and reports with live data in the way that is most relevant to you and works for your business.
  3. Easy-to-use API integration - take advantage of full developer documentation and a benchmark structure for fast and easy integration with your systems.
  4. Sales leads that follow you – receive sales leads and the latest project updates in your pocket with alerts that prompt you to act.
  5. Lead capture – make your website sticky and compelling by engaging visitors interactively and providing highly valuable information in return for contact details.