Spot Trends and Identify Value With Market Trends

Market Trends is one of the most comprehensive sets of aggregated property market statistics that can assist you to analyse various segments of the property market. Produced monthly, data is provided down to a suburb level and offers deep insights into local area performance and trends.

Combine Market trends with your knowledge to help you:

Identify Market Performance

Identify market peaks and troughs, and the behaviour of micro markets while building a picture of market performance.

Minimise Risk

Identify suburbs that are performing poorly, enabling you to take steps to minimise your risk exposure.

Market Trends includes:

Expansive Dataset

Over 50 different measures of housing market health and performance for every single suburb and postcode in the country split by houses and units. 

Monthly Reports

Suburb data, capital cities and LGA are valuable tools for investors, economic researchers, real estate agents, valuers or anyone wanting to interrogate their own data as a one-off drop or ingest it into their own datasets.

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Quick and Easy Access

Market Trends gives you fast, easy access to comprehensive property market data by suburb in a CSV/flat file format, which can be easily filtered and sorted.

Key Data Points

Receive median sale price, sales volumes and rental data, along with average time on the market hold period information.

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