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Valex - Property Valuation Platform

Accurate, low-risk valuations, delivered in real time.

Valex is an easy to use valuation platform that is used by professional valuers and finance professionals. It offers all valuation assessment types, and connects to all major valuation providers.

Valex - Property Valuation Platform


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  • Live tracking of the valuation process - via automated email status updates, for added convenience. To track the process of your valuation click here
  • Customisable interface - so you can get precisely the information your business and customers need.  
  • Sell more effectively - with 100% coverage from a managed panel of valuation firms across Australia.

Detailed Overview

Valex is a LIXI-compliant, comprehensive property valuation and risk management platform that supports nationwide property valuation management and offers real-time compliance and quality control.

Find out how Valex can help you:

Manage and minimise risk

Valex's extensive security checks increase your business security and manage risk. Valex's compliance services have 21 automated system checks that every valuation must pass before being completed and returned - including peer reviews by the compliance departments of valuations that don't pass any critical system checks. Valex also enables you to access audit checks on valuation firm file reviews and other risk related functions.

Expand your knowledge

Valex offers a consistent data entry template for all valuations, making it very reliable. You can also easily access your 'audit history' online.

Get results in real time

With Valex you can track the valuation progress via live, automated email status updates - so you're always in the loop.

Easily run reports

Valex enables you to run your own reports with the online reporting module, and get line of sight to all valuations ordered for transparency. You can access management reporting, providing direct access to an on-line reporting module, as well as formalised monthly reporting which can include: valuation volumes, analysis by state and region, distribution allocations by each panel firm, valuation assessment types, turnaround times, compliance performance analysis of property values - and more, tailored to individual requirements.

Sell more effectively

Proactively manage your workflow via Valex to promote efficiency, and order and access valuations up-front from a variety of bank/lender panels.

Manage risk

Increase security and manage risk by relying on Valex's compliance services. This involves 21 automated system checks that every valuation must pass before being completed and returned. Peer reviews are also required from compliance departments of valuations that don't initially pass critical system checks. You can also access audit checks on valuation firm file reviews and other risk related functions.

Manage queries

Manage customer service from CoreLogic RP Data's call centre, saving you time and effort.


  • All assessment types available
  • National coverage
  • Accounts (single billing)
  • Workflow systems
  • Management analysis & reporting
  • Call centre
  • Proactive management
  • Compliance
  • Status updates
  • Event notifications
  • Risk awareness indicators
  • Auto allocation
  • Manual override
  • Duplicate detection
  • Construction allocation override
  • Same borrower/same postcode allocation override
  • Kerb-side escalation (optional)
  • System user management tool
  • Document upload/visibility
  • Valuer standing instructions
  • Pre-valuation status
  • Allow urgent jobs
  • Valuation re-assignment
  • Job history status
  • Advanced search
  • Fee look-up
  • Rules decisioning engine
  • Customer ordering
  • Download valuation report
  • Download invoice

Valex is used by mortgage brokers, mortgage managers, banking and lending institutions, valuers and valuation firms.


Access to Valex is currently provided at three levels:

Level 1 Services – Valex System Access

Users are only provided with access to the Valex system and manage their own panel of valuers, facilitated by the Valex system.

Level 2 Services – Panel Management Services

Users receive a 'total solution' with panel management services, gaining access to the Level 1 Services  - plus access to Valex's own people providing the Panel Management Services rather than having users continue to manage valuations in-house. 

Level 3 Services – Compliance Management Services

With this level, the user enjoys all the benefits of level 1 and 2 - as well as Valex undertaking compliance in accordance with the Valex Compliance Matrix - and any of your specific compliance requirements. 

About CoreLogic RP Data

CoreLogic RP Data is a wholly owned subsidiary of CoreLogic (NYSE: CLGX), a leading global property information, analytics and data-enabled services provider. Regionally CoreLogic RP Data is part of CoreLogic Asia which is a leading property information, analytics and services provider in Australia and New Zealand with growing partnerships throughout Asia.

With Australia’s most comprehensive property databases, the company’s combined data offering is derived from public, contributory and proprietary sources and includes over 500 million decision points spanning over three decades of collection, providing detailed coverage of property and other encumbrances such as tenancy, location, hazard risk and related performance information. With over 11,000 customers and 120,000 end users, CoreLogic RP Data is the leading provider of property data, analytics and related services to consumers, investors, real estate, mortgage, finance, banking, insurance, developers, wealth management and government. Learn more...

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