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RP Data watchlists
CoreLogic’s data and analytics solutions

Trusted, timely and detailed property data

By integrating with PropertyHub, lenders and brokers can access property data and analytics used and trusted by real estate professionals. With PropertyHub’s intuitive research tools, you can focus on the home purchasing journey – not just the mortgage – and help create a better experience for your customers.

RP Data watchlists

Dashboards and alerts keep you informed as valuations progress through each phase of the workflow.

Delight your customers with informative property and suburb reports.

With an RP Data subscription, easily add properties to your watchlist, receiving notifications when relevant market activity such as listings or sales occur.

With an RP Data subscription you will unlock research capabilities in the PropertyHub platform to boost your market knowledge and help improve customer interactions.

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Resources supporting valuations operations

Benchmarking, strategy and optimisation solutions

Unlock intelligent business reporting

With access to PropertyHub, lenders can choose to monitor valuation conversion performance and lender behaviours. You can also use CoreLogic Business Intelligence Reporting services to access valuable benchmark reporting data and other CoreLogic valuation services.

Review valuation volumes by channel, user or service type.

Track conversion rates from upfront valuation to loan application.

Track valuation activity at a user level.

Activate layered user permissions to keep your data safe.

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Risk management solutions

Manage valuation risk across your portfolio

PropertyHub can be adapted to suit your business – for instance, by building a rules engine that matches your business needs and risk profile.

Mitigate valuation risk between your loan book and preferred valuation type.

Create your own valuation business rules around loan and property attributes in line with your risk appetite.

Understand conversion funnel performance across your business rules.

PropertyHub uses the same rules engine as VALEX, making migration easy.

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