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Lease Expiry Diary

Connect with tenants at the right time in their tenancy lifecycle

CoreLogic’s data and analytics solutions

Unrivalled commercial property data

Lease Expiry Diary captures rich data covering the complete commercial tenancy lifecycle. Many commercial real estate professionals and government agencies use Lease Expiry Diary as a trusted source of information on commercial leases.

Our experienced team of field and desk-based researchers validate all data.

Information is available across office, retail, industrial and utility leases.

Previously inaccessible information is now collated exclusively for subscribers of Lease Expiry Diary.

View registered commercial lease details in capital city CBD markets across New South Wales and Queensland.

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Lead generation, customer engagement and retention solutions

Focus your marketing on the right tenants to generate leads

Identify tenants approaching the end of their lease period when they may be reconsidering their tenancy agreement. Market your services when and where they’ll have maximum impact.

Review the stability of future rental cash flows by viewing the lease expiry profile for an entire building and its tenants.

Determine the types of businesses occupying a building and gain access to contact details of tenants.

Choose when to approach prospective tenants and be flexible with your lead-in time – you’re not restricted to approaches only at lease expiry.

Segment the lease expiry market by searching according to street or building name and tenant type.

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Automation and process improvement solutions

Business to business marketing in just a few clicks

Customise the data on display and handpick the elements relevant to you. Make use of flexible exporting facilities so you can import the data into your own contact management system.

Search across date ranges, visually by map, or by street or building name.

Flexible options let you customise the data and choose which elements you wish to save or export.

View results as a single record or as a list of leases.

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