Commercial Real Estate

5 ways CoreLogic can grow your commercial real estate business

CoreLogic is the most in depth provider of property data to the commercial real estate industry, delivering the most up to date and extensive market insights on properties within the CBD area.

  1. Understand your local commercial market - If you’re a city agent, or if you sell or invest in commercial property, you need to understand stock levels, ownership details, tenants and know properties that could be about to go on the market.
  2. Win more business – Access and contact information for thousands of property owners and tenants giving you access to new opportunities – be that winning new sales or lease listings or selling your property related services.
  3. Seize opportunities - See what developments are planned and under construction. Identify development sites and vacant land, or easily identify refurbishment opportunities.
  4. Identify market players and increase market share – Which owners are buying? Which owners are selling? Who owns what? Which agencies are managing which properties? Increase your market share by winning business from your competitors.
  5. Benchmark and compare properties across the entire commercial market in Australia and New Zealand to allow you to better manage your commercial investments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you collect your data?

Our Cityscope commercial data is sourced and collated from a wide variety of sources including government registers, agencies, owners, councils, directories, websites, press reports and releases. Sources are further augmented by field research which includes physical inspection of each and every building to source and confirm physical building attributes, tenancy details, refurbishments, developments, managing agent, together with sales and leasing activity. For more information about our data collection, see our Data Promise.

How can I access commercial property data in non-CBD areas?

Data about commercial properties across Australia is also included within the RP Data Professional database as a separate subscription. Comprehensive commercial sales transaction data is also available through PIM (Property Information Monitor).