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Cityscope is CoreLogic’s commercial property database, offering detailed coverage for office, retail and industrial properties in Australia’s capital cities.

This handy tool can help you find out about current and upcoming developments and refurbishments, identify investment opportunities or market your services. Tailor your Cityscope package to help cover the markets you operate in, so you can promote your services to commercial property owners, tenants and property managers.

CoreLogic’s data and analytics solutions

Detailed and trusted data insights

With high-quality, human-verified data from over 60 data points, Cityscope provides a wealth of commercial property information. With almost 50 years of Australian office, retail and industrial property data on tap, Cityscope can help put your business on the inside track.

At least once a year we organise physical inspections of every property to confirm the key property attributes, building description and tenants, as well as active selling and leasing campaigns.

From information on a single building to a targeted list of properties meeting specific criteria, Cityscope offers flexible searching, reporting and exporting capabilities.

We inspect around 57,000 commercial properties annually across Australia, with data available on over 27,000 unique owners and 85,000 tenants.

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Commercial markets

Covered across Australia


Commercial properties

Physically inspected annually


Unique owners

Data available on over 27,000 unique owners and 85,000 tenants

Lead generation, customer engagement and retention solutions

Understand your local market and win more business

Keep your finger on the pulse of the local market, so you can showcase your expertise and search for opportunities to help grow your business. As well as providing information on business tenants, Cityscope offers valuable insights into property ownership - including true and beneficial owners, owner-occupiers, investors and foreign owners.

Use detailed building information and powerful searching tools to help you zone in on opportunities that suit your business.

Get contact details for owners, tenants and managing agents to help you contact key decision-makers when prospecting.

See developments planned for or under construction, or identify vacant land for investment and development opportunities.

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Automation and process improvement solutions

Find your target properties efficiently

With over 60 data points to search and inform your decision-making, use Cityscope to efficiently choose the property or project you’re looking for.

Save lists of properties you’re tracking and review them periodically for any changes to their status or attributes.

Export and mail merge capabilities let you extract the details you need to power your CRM and focus your marketing activities.

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