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Every day, Australia’s state and federal governments rely on CoreLogic’s data – whether to help inform economic policy and infrastructure decision-making or help support law enforcement initiatives.

Tap into CoreLogic’s powerful property data to help forensically track market movements, analyse transactions across different regions, or gain valuable insights from our rich property database.

CoreLogic’s data and analytics solutions

A rich data universe for policymakers and compliance specialists

CoreLogic is one of Australia’s most trusted providers of property analytics. We collect and cleanse data from hundreds of government and industry sources, seeking to ensure its quality through double-entry keying, stringent de-duplication and manual reviews.

Our data covers every property sale, with figures confirmed by authorised and reliable third-party sources in each state and territory. And with more than 5 billion decision points, we offer an expansive breadth and depth of data – including valuable ownership insights, historical details and imagery.

Keep your finger on the nation’s pulse by monitoring Australia’s multi-trillion property market.

Access powerful national, state and regional data right down to postcode level to see relocation trends in an emerging post-COVID world.

Cross-check transaction amounts with estimated market values to identify transactions that potentially deviate from accepted thresholds.

Compile property attributes like dwelling size and number of rooms to better understand household composition models.

Have the data to help compare local, regional or national demand for rental and sales against vacancy and construction rates.

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Risk management solutions

Advanced risk management and identification

CoreLogic’s risk management tools are designed to help asset managers understand portfolio exposure, identify under-insurance, calculate rebuild costs, and develop future proof roadmaps that could help safeguard state and Commonwealth properties as well as other peripheral interests.

Our property data is designed to help identify mortgage exposure risk across different demographics and geographies, while our property-level climate and natural disaster data broadens the picture for modelling extreme weather events and other environmental risks.

Overlay our risk solutions with other datasets to help better understand risk by a variety of socio-demographic measures.

Have the data designed to help measure climate and major weather event risks at state, regional and suburban levels to better support disaster prevention and recovery.

Use our climate and weather tools to help guide infrastructure planning, major weather event modelling and reinsurance underwriting.

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