5 ways CoreLogic can help government

CoreLogic can help all levels of Australian Government by providing access to comprehensive property that enables Government to provide better services, better policy and better outcomes for both their constituents and the country. CoreLogic’s data and products have a role anywhere property interacts with Federal, State or Local Government legislation, compliance, policy or research requirements.

  1. Improved planning by identifying demographics and market trends within an area to determine infrastructure requirements and location of future developments
  2. Monitor compliance and assist with fraud detection and debt management by verifying property ownership (including investment properties), and accessing information on properties by street, suburb or postcode
  3. Custom data sets tailored to your specific research or policy requirements
  4. Historic and current (including Recent Sales) property data to inform research and policy decisions as well as compliance with legislation..
  5. Mapping and imagery to understand changes to properties over time, and identify hazards, infrastructure, geographic and environmental features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does CoreLogic get its data?

CoreLogic collects data through more than 600 sources including property portal websites, government sources, real estate agents and newspaper advertisements, which we key in. For more see our Data Promise.

How can governments ensure probity and confidentiality?

Our Government team understands the requirements of Government in respect to probity and confidentiality and we already provide solutions that deliver against Government’s strict standards.