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To help clients make informed financial decisions, brokers need to understand the property market inside out.

With CoreLogic’s suite of broker tools and rich market insights, you can position yourself as the property expert and guide each client through their unique home-buying journey. By taking your client service to the next level, you’ll also be well placed to grow your referrals and win repeat business.

RP Data app
CoreLogic’s data and analytics solutions

Take advantage of data-driven property insights

Partnering  with CoreLogic gives you access to over 40 years of curated property data, plus innovative digital tools that bring this data to life.

With rich property insights at your fingertips, you’ll be well-positioned to deliver an unparalleled end-to-end buying experience for your clients.

RP Data app

PropertyHub makes it easier than ever to manage valuations and tap into the latest market research.

RP Data for mortgage brokers offers detailed market insights, designed to help you boost referrals and drive repeat business.

Access the latest property data when and where you want, with the RP Data Pro mobile app.

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Lead generation, customer engagement and retention solutions

Grow your client base

CoreLogic’s property market insights can help you engage with your clients early in their home-buying journey and build trust at every step. Armed with up-to-the-minute insights into current market trends, you can educate and empower your clients to make informed property decisions.

Become a trusted partner in each client’s home-buying journey, with personalised property insights.

Property Monitor gives you real-time alerts when your clients list a property, so you can engage with them at the right time.

Create tailored Property Reports with RP Data to demonstrate your market expertise and help boost referrals.

With PropertyHub you can order, track and manage your valuations for all lenders from a single platform.

Use RP Data, our cutting-edge real estate research platform, to get valuable market insights including projected valuations and price trends.

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Learn how RP Data can enhance your property insights

RP Data can help you provide superior insights to clients, helping to deepen the relationship, nurture repeat business and grow referrals

Automation and process improvement solutions

Enhance the client experience

Powered by 40 years of rich property data, CoreLogic’s cutting-edge tools are designed to keep you informed of the latest property trends and the status of each valuation. Discover how our digital solutions can help you manage each client’s price expectations and remove friction at key touchpoints.

Get the latest automated property valuations and market-leading data to strengthen loan applications.

Track each valuation in real time so you can keep your clients informed throughout each step of the process.

Unleash your Broker potential with our free Training

Attend one of our interactive training webinars to equip yourself with all the tips and tricks from our in-house product specialists. Make the most out of your CoreLogic experience and learn to master our range of data driven solutions.

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