5 ways CoreLogic can help valuers

CoreLogic gives you fast and comprehensive sales and rental data so you can provide the best possible assessment on property values. Our independent property information helps you to reduce your risk and become a trusted property advisor to both commercial and residential customers.


  1. Gather key property and market data quickly and concisely to enable you to complete a valuation report quickly and with confidence
  2. Understand property and market characteristics upfront so that you can allocate the most appropriate staff to complete the job.
  3. Manage market performance metrics, providing true and accurate measurements with unrivalled transparency
  4. Leading platforms enable you to improve and simplify the effectiveness of your valuation practice, saving you time and maximise the effectiveness of your business - while delivering accurate and fast valuations to your customers
  5. Drive revenue and ongoing advisory services by providing rich property reports to prospects and clients to increase value and engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does CoreLogic build models to estimate property values?

Corelogic can accurately estimate house values based on sales of property in the building (if it is a unit), the street the area and/or the previous sales price of the property, taking into account house price changes in the area since the last sale date.

It does this through understanding the characteristics of the property and then looking through the millions of data points that CoreLogic has about properties which have previously been sold in the local area, to identify similar properties.

Sophisticated algorithms match the data to the property in question taking into consideration data differences and variations over time, to produce an estimate of the property’s sale value at that point in time.

All such estimates come with an associated level of accuracy, referred to as forecast standard deviation (FSD), which measures how likely the value will be close to the subsequent sale value.

In what different ways can valuers consume CoreLogic data?

CoreLogic offers complete valuation management services that allow you to manage valuations either in-house (VMS) or externally (Valex).

We also offer a wide range of valuation tools; including automated valuation model (AVMs), electronic valuation reports (EVRs) and valuation assessment models (Valsafe © ).