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PlanSwift and the Cordell tab

Create better take-off estimates


PlanSwift when used in conjunction with Cordell Estimator Platinum are specifically designed to increase the accuracy and efficiency of construction take off costs for builders, developers, suppliers, architects and insurers.

PlanSwift and Cordell Estimator Platinum can help you calculate quantities based on individual project specifications, to help you create more accurate quantity and cost estimates every time.

PlanSwift detailed measuring
CoreLogic’s data and analytics solutions

Combine the best quality data available with detailed quantity calculation

Receive detailed construction material quantities via the Multiple Quantity Take-off Tool. Instantly generate a list of the materials that may be required for a project or are optional add-ons, without having to calculate them individually.

PlanSwift detailed measuring

Create cost estimates for concrete, plastic membrane, studs, plates, paint and plasterboard sheets, and other items like bar chairs. Customise to add items like windows, lintels and architraves to your automatic selections, to suit your business needs.

Detailed take-off items speed up your estimating and ordering. Draw around a roof or ceiling to gain pitch heights in square metres, then cost for items such as roof sheets or bathroom tiles.

Use our building checklist to calculate costs for preliminaries, excavation, and much more.

Export quantity data to custom estimates and order forms, making it faster and easier to order and check current stock levels.

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Automation and process improvement solutions

Automatically calculate costs and total project estimates

Calculate take-off quantities for a large array of items and costs. Auto-calculate by drawing around your areas to calculate costs, including wastage – increasing efficiency for builders, developers and construction firms.
Customise your materials settings to suit your needs, then export for use with Cordell Estimator Platinum for a breakdown of costs and a total project estimate.

PlanSwift select multiple quantities

Obtain estimates for multiple quantities, selecting by linear metre, square metre or dot count.

Load construction plans and images with easy-to-use point-and-click, drag-and-drop and drawing tools.

Enjoy seamless integration of PlanSwift with Cordell Estimator Platinum for one-click incorporation of quantities into your estimate.

Use multiple take-off quantities and export to MS Excel with category sort codes.

After calculating quantity take-offs in PlanSwift, use the Cordell Tab to speed up estimating and ordering for builders, or estimate stock levels for particular types of construction projects.

Record quantities within Cordell Estimator Platinum using your preferred browser on your tablet or mobile device for presentations or estimating on-the-go.

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PlanSwift select multiple quantities

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