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Welcome to the CoreLogic Weekly Auction Result Summary. Stay abreast of the very latest property market conditions with the most comprehensive auction clearance rates available. Every week we endeavour to capture the results of every known auction and make them available by Sunday morning, with progressive updates as the full set of auction results are collected.

Week ending 21 July 2024

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CityTotal auctionsCoreLogic auction resultsSold prior to auctionSold at auctionSold after auctionPassed inWithdrawnClearance rateCleared AuctionsUncleared Auctions
Combined Capitals*17271118338448722210371.1%793325

Auction clearance rates are calculated for auctions scheduled during the week ending Sunday and are based on available data using total known number of sold properties before, at or after auction against the total known number of auction results, including passed in and withdrawn auctions. Auction clearance rates for Tasmania are reported at the State level only. Where there is less than 10 collected auction results, auction clearance rates should be considered statistically unreliable. Not all auction results are available or known to CoreLogic at the time of calculation and reporting of auction clearance rates and auction property details.
*Clearance rate is presented as a weighted average

© Copyright Corelogic. All rights reserved. No reproduction, distribution, or transmission of the copyrighted materials is permitted. The above results are preliminary, with 'final' auction clearance rates included in our national auction market preview research published each Thursday.