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Professionals Granger Clark takes engagement to the next level with Plezzel digital ads

Plezzel helps Professionals Granger Clark drive more homeowners to their website through the power of digital ads


Professionals Granger Clark wanted to boost their online presence through engaging digital ads, be seen by their target audience, and attract the right buyers back to their website.


Plezzel launched a suite of digital ads for Professionals Granger Clark including ‘Just Listed’ and targeted video ads. These ads amplified their office and agent promotions while effectively engaging their target audience at every stage of their buying or selling journey. As Plezzel ads drive a user directly back to the Professionals Granger Clark website, the team were able to control the user journey and own the marketing message presented to the homeowners.


Drove high intent buyers to their website:
Over 42,563 clicks generated to their property website within a month, achieving a 14.74% increase versus previous month*.

Targeted the right audience through digital campaigns:
Reached a total audience of 91,020 through digital campaigns over a four-week period, reflecting a month-on-month increase of 24.54%*.

Better brand presence:
Unlocked 396,376 digital ad impressions and achieved a total of 1,519,907 engagements within a month*.

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*Source: Plezzel dashboard - April 2024 clicks to their property website.