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Comprehensive property data solutions

A trusted pair of hands

Smart property decisions depend on having the best information on hand when you need it. That’s why it makes sense to use trusted data, analytics and insights from CoreLogic – because no one provides as many perspectives on the property universe as we do.

We’re proudly independent – and that’s what makes us different. Our independence underpins trust, and trust powers strong relationships.

We have over 40 years of deep property data experience across Australia and New Zealand, supported by a global data powerhouse.

We collect, combine and curate hundreds of diverse property sets to create an unparalleled view of the property universe.

Real estate professionals, financial institutions, insurers, government bodies and many more industries benefit every day from our data solutions.

How we orchestrate our data

we bring together

Unparalleled Data Universe

  • 7,000 data sources
  • 14m properties, 98% market coverage
  • 600k+ sales & 550k+ rent per year
  • 1m new data points each month
  • 95% coverage of key attributes
  • 30yrs historical trends

we bring together

Technology & Expertise

40+ years’ of deep property market expertise, AI-powered analytics & cloud computing create a rich, 360 view of Australian property

to unlock

Smarter property decisions

Property insight delivered at scale and speed across the property ecosystem

Our data analytics capability

Innovating in data

By combining the best property data with advanced analytics and technology, we deliver innovative data solutions that match the specific needs of our customers.

AI-powered analytics and cloud computing bring insights to the surface with speed and efficiency.

Curated from hundreds of authoritative sources, our expert researchers validate our attributes to give you absolute confidence.

We offer rapid matching of over 10 million properties, structured and connected for immediate access via API or bulk match and delivery.

Our analytics, models and indices are built on trusted sources and have been developed to the highest standards.

Our Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) and indices are independently audited to ensure best practice in line with APRA guidelines.

Our fully integrated machine learning model ensures rapid and accurate deployment.

Our data solutions

Our property data and analytics help you identify property-level insights so you can capitalise on growth opportunities, improve your business performance and manage risk.

CoreLogic’s AVMs bring together comprehensive property data sets, advanced AI modelling &  data science expertise to unlock detailed, real-time residential property valuations.

We’re recognised as Australia's authoritative source for home price trends, and our indices are relied on by government, banking and real estate leaders.

Our custom data sets cover insurance rebuild estimates, dwelling types, occupancy scores and geographic data.