Our People

Fraser Black

My focus is to maintain and build on the strong relationship between Westpac Group and CoreLogic, to add value to every stakeholder interaction and to ensure myself and CoreLogic fully understand and align to the Westpac Group business objectives and strategic drivers.

A key part of my role is being the voice of Westpac Group within CoreLogic to ensure that we are driving towards a common goal and also ensure the appropriate data, experience, insights and resources are on hand to deliver maximum value to Westpac Group.

I have been working in the information services, analytics, consulting and software industry for 20 years in the UK, Australia & Asia Pacific region with a focus on both Risk Management and Marketing.

I moved to Sydney from the UK in May 2012 and as often happens moved straight to Bondi before settling in Surry Hills. My career in Australia has been heavily focussed around partnering with the two biggest banks in the Country and supporting these organisations with data and actionable insights. I’ve been a proud Australian citizen since November 2016 and joined I CoreLogic in May 2017.


  • Westpac Group