Our People

Sarah Edwards

As CoreLogic’s Executive of Operations, Sarah is responsible for ensuring that our Client Experience is cohesive across the 20+ teams that are in place to support our customers. Whether this be positioning our world class products to prospective customers or activating them, onboarding them, relationship management or post sale care – its Sarah’s job to ensure our “engine room”; both front and back of house; for execution is humming.

Having spent her working career in the property industry in both established and start up businesses; working at the local, national and international level; Sarah has a strong track record of building high performing teams that are focused on exceptional customer delivery and smart optimisation, leveraging automation for transformation and to deepen focus on customer outcomes.

Sarah is regularly requested to showcase CoreLogic’s innovative customer experience approach at international CX events. Having also spent time in product and project management roles throughout her career, Sarah values precision & collaboration, whilst having a deep personal commitment fostering a culture for the people around her to grow and develop in a supportive and high performance environment. Sarah sponsors CoreLogic’s diversity and inclusion programs.