What's New in RP Data Pro

Make sure you always update to the latest version of RP Data Pro to ensure you’re taking advantage of the latest features and improvements, as well as speed and stability fixes.

We welcome feedback and suggestions! Use the Suggest a Feature option to let us know what you’d like to see in RP Data Pro, or to give us feedback about the App.

4.0 - October 2019

  • A Broad refresh of the app itself to align with the new RP Data web site. Components have been updated to have similar appearance to make it easier to jump between them.
  • Now you can get Auction Results and clearance rate statistics at your fingertips. Go to the Market area and tap on Auction Results to get started.
  • An Activity Feed is accessible from the home screen to show the history of notifications and generated signature reports.
  • Other assorted bug fixes and performance improvements.

3.10.1 - May 2019

  • Minor bug fixes and adjustments to the valuation models.

3.10 - May 2019

  • My Territory Monitor. You can now define your territory and receive Notifications on any for sale/for rent/sold events each day. This should help you keep on top of changes in your turf as soon as we are aware of them.
  • An assortment of bug fixes and performance improvements

3.9 - March 2019

  • We are bringing our IntelliVal valuation model to mobile customers over the coming weeks. IntelliVal allows for wider coverage of properties and improved accuracy over older models.
  • Undisclosed Sales are now available for Real Estate and Valuer users for their internal use. They will be available throughout the app and are clearly marked.
  • An assortment of bug fixes and performance improvements

3.8.1 - January 2019

A quick post-new years release to fix a few bugs and performance issues.

3.8 - December 2018

One final major release for the year. Here’s what we have for you.
•    Get Notifications on changes to your favourite properties as soon as we know about them. You can get notifications via Push or via an email digest.
•    An assortment of bug fixes and performance improvements.

3.7.2 – October 2018

•    Minor bug fixes and stability improvements.

3.7.1 – October 2018

•    Minor bug fixes and stability improvements.

3.7 - October 2018

•    A Fresh new view! The Home screen has been updated to make searching easier and more productive
•    You can now manage notes on any property to store your thoughts and actions
•    A leap forward for the iPad – the iPad and iPhone experience has been united and all features that were previously exclusive to the iPhone are now available.
•    A Host of other small features and improvements

v3.6 - July 2018

  • Favourites have been renamed Watchlists and have been redesigned as the new easy to use central location for all your important lists
  • Integration with Signature Reports provides easy access to all your previously generated Signature Reports for maximum convenience while you’re on the go
  • Valuation Status is now more than twice as good. Tight integrated with Property Hub will mean all your Hub submitted valuations are now automatically monitored and available for view in the app
  • Introduction of in-app Push Notifications will keep our Broker customers in the know on valuation status changes enabling quick intervention for delays.

  • v3.5 – April 2018

We've got lots of great stuff for you in this release!

School Zones:

  • Schools and catchment detail now available on the property detail page
  • Search directly for any school from address search 
  • Access listed, sold and for rent properties in school catchments

New Ways to Search!

  • Enhanced search filter for faster results
  • Easily toggle search results between list and map view
  • Improved Search suggestions, now including schools too

Get the inside info with Floor Plans;

  • Quick access to the latest floor plan from the property detail page
  • The Image Gallery includes quick navigation to all available Floor Plans

Enhanced 1-Page Report

  • The 1 Page Report now includes the owners name by default (where available), or can optionally be toggled off


If you have any feedback, bug reports or suggestions, please use ‘Suggest a Feature’ within the app to get in touch!


v3.4.1 – 21 February 2018

In this release, we've added some new features to make getting to important information even easier.

  • Get quick access to reports and valuable features with the new "Action Button" on the property detail page
  • New 1-Page Property Detail report, great for confirming property details with vendors or taking with you to appraisals and appointments. Find it under the Reports icon on the property detail page
  • Get the best view of the property imagery, with higher quality imagery now showing in the image gallery

v3.4 – 22 January 2018

In this release, we've added some new features to make getting to important information even easier.

  • Get quick access to reports and valuable features with the new "Action Button" on the property detail page.

v3.3 – 13 December 2017

With this release of RP Data Pro, we've provided Brokers and Lenders an easy and efficient way to check the status of their Valex Valuation orders.

Home Buyers are often extremely anxious about the status of their home loan application. Valuation status on RP Data Pro enables Brokers and participating Lenders to have the right conversation at the right time to help put the customer at ease and to enable timely intervention where there are delays.

Provide great customer service by keeping your buyers informed

  • Quickly address any issues or delays
  • View a snapshot of all of your orders, or detail about a specific order.

In this release we've also addressed reported bugs, improved stability for iPad users, and improved performance for street and suburb searching.

v3.2 – 30 November 2017

With this release of RP Data Pro we include fixes for speed and reliability.

We also added more support for iOS11 and addressed some issues for our iPad users.

v3.1 – 17 October 2017

  • Support for iOS11
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Market Trends Nearby cards now show Median Value

v3.0 – 14 September 2017

Know the numbers, be the expert. Introducing Market Trends for RP Data Pro!

Giving you Market Insights at your fingertips, you now have front row seats to navigate the property market with unprecedented ease of access to the power of CoreLogic’s Market Insights.

  • Suburb performance at a glance: Share, save and monitor areas of interest
  • Be the market expert: Gain new insights by changing metrics, timeframe or property type
  • Build your brand: Share and publish trends and insights to clients, prospects or your network

v2.2.1 – 17 August 2017

With this release of RP Data Pro we include fixes for speed and reliability.

v2.2 – 7 August 2017

In this month's update, we’re helping you access key properties of interest faster.

  • Once you've added properties to your favourite lists, you can now access them from outside the app using iOS Spotlight Search. Simply swipe down from your home screen, and search for your saved properties using any part of the address or even the favourite list name.
  • In addition, we've added force-touch support for peek and pop from any search results view, including the similar properties view. Press half-way down on any property in the search results to get a preview of the property. Press the whole way down to load the full property. *Only on force-touch supported iPhones.

We have also been working under the covers to improve performance of the property detail page and squashed a few bugs too.

v2.1.1 – 28 June 2017

With this release of RP Data Pro we include fixes for speed and reliability.

v2.1 – 19 June 2017

We know you're busy, trying to do multiple things at once while out on the road, and don't have time to wait around for property search results to load and display.

With this in mind, in June we continued our focus on inner beauty. You’ll notice the difference with repeat searches, favourites and reports now returning faster. What’s not to love about that!

v2.0 – 2 June 2017

May has been enhancements month for the little things we know make a big difference:

  • Copy the address by long pressing on the property address on the property detail page
  • We've optimised the wildly popular favourites feature and addressed the reported bugs

v1.9.1 – 18 April 2017

In this release we’ve added to the attributes and images you can update us about, and made it easy as pie. You can find access under the 3 dots on the Property Detail page, just select "Send Property Feedback". Here’s to better data!

v1.9.0 – 31 March 2017

We know everyone loves looking at property imagery - an image paints a thousand words, and this release is focused on the image gallery. We've made extensive improvements to the gallery feature, giving you more ways to view, enjoy and share property imagery.

  • Do more from the single photo slideshow view
  • Get more angles on property with new Aerial and Boundary views
  • View how the property has changed over time
  • Share property images with prospects in a few quick taps
  • Update and upload photos from within the app

v1.8.1 – 17 February 2017

With this release of RP Data Pro we include fixes for speed and reliability.

v1.8.0 – 15 February 2017

Another month, another big update for RP Data Pro - you're going to love this one! We're going to keep the updates coming - giving you the best access to data, analytics and tools out on the road to help you win new business, retain your customers and help you be the local expert.

  • New Suburb Report: Introducing the new one-click Suburb Report, available for our Real Estate industry customers. Position yourself as the expert by providing suburb insights to your customers. Check it out in suburb insights section on the property detail page.
  • Auction Date and Time: View and Add auction events to your calendar from an Auction Listing.

Adding Sales and Listings Advice: Avoid the phones calls and don’t miss publication. We've made it even easier to lodge your sales and listings advice. 'Favourites' integration makes it easy to track listings and sales history.

  • Improvements to Property Summary: Moved the current listing price to the top of the Property Detail page

v1.7.2 – 13 January 2017

We think sharing a Property Report is a pretty important task, so we've made it easier for you to generate a Property Report by including the icon at the top of the Property Detail page. It's still available under the Reports icon/menu too.

Swipe through Image Gallery:

  • In the search results and on the Property Detail page, you can now swipe through the entire gallery of images instead of just the first 6 images.
  • Navigation: You can now swipe from the left edge to go "Back"

Minor UI change: Moved the Lot/Plan field into the Additional Info section on a Property Detail page

Inner Beauty: We took some time over the festive season to improve performance, squash some bugs and refactor some parts of the code to make sure it runs better for you.

v1.7.1 – 9 December 2016

With this release of RP Data Pro we include fixes for speed and reliability. In particular:

  • Fix for freeze/crash on Property Detail page for some users
  • Support for iPad Pro

v1.7.0 – 6 December 2016

This release is our biggest update since launch, and brings in some great new features requested by users!

  • Name Search by Suburb - now you can finally search by Suburb as well as State!
  • Tap on any Owner Name to perform an Owner Name Search from the Property Detail Page
  • Added Service Address to Owners Details (where available)
  • Floor Area now added to attributes display for properties
  • Addition of new Development Zone data
  • Addition of Rental Estimate values, plus adding the ability to produce a Rental Estimate Report
  • Tweaks to the Valuation Estimate display, as well as making it quicker and easier to run an AutoVal Report for sharing with clients or prospects
  • Development Application data added to Property History timeline
  • plus some other minor enhancements and fixes.

We've also added a new menu option for 'Suggest a Feature' - this is your pipeline to the RP Data Pro product team and a way for you to suggest new ideas for features to add, and you can also vote on ideas that other people have submitted.

We’ll use this to help us prioritise what to build next, and we’ll also let you know the status of ideas you’re interested in - including when we’ve added it to the app! Start adding or voting on ideas today!