What's New in RP Data Pro

Make sure you always update to the latest version of RP Data Pro to ensure you’re taking advantage of the latest features and improvements, as well as speed and stability fixes.

v4.0 - October 2019

  • A Broad refresh of the app itself to align with the new RP Data web site. Components have been updated to have similar appearance to make it easier to jump between them.
  • An Activity Feed is accessible from the home screen to show the history of notifications and generated signature reports.
  • etter support for buildings in search results.
  • Other assorted bug fixes and performance improvements.

v3.11.1 - May 2019

  • Small update to resolve minor issues with Auction Results.

v3.11 - May 2019

  • Now you can get Auction Results and Clearance Rate statistics at your fingertips. Go to the Market area and tap on Auction Results to get started.  
  • An assortment of bug fixes and performance improvements.

v3.10 - April 2019

  • My Territory Monitor. You can now define your territory and receive Notifications on any for sale/for rent/sold events each day. This should help you keep on top of changes in your turf as soon as we are aware of them. Tap on the "My Territory" button on the Home screen to begin.
  • An assortment of bug fixes and performance improvements

v3.9 - March 2019

  • We are bringing our IntelliVal valuation model to mobile customers over the coming weeks. IntelliVal allows for wider coverage of properties and improved accuracy over older models.
  • Undisclosed Sales are now available for Real Estate and Valuer users for their internal use. They will be available throughout the app and are clearly marked.
  • An assortment of bug fixes and performance improvements

v3.7.5 - February 2019

  • Improved Search flow and filter screen.
  • Improved the photo gallery for a better experience and to allow for better images.
  • A large number of resolved performance issues and bug fixes.

v3.6 – July 2018

  • Favourites have been renamed Watchlists and were redesigned as the new central location for all your important lists 
  • Integration with Signature Reports provides access to all your generated reports while you’re on the go 
  • Notifications will keep Brokers in the know on valuation status changes enabling quick intervention 

v3.3 – 14 February 2018

With this release of RP Data Pro, we've provided Brokers and Lenders an easy and efficient way to check the status of their Valex Valuation orders.

  • Provide great customer service by keeping your buyers informed
  • Quickly address any issues or delays
  • View a snapshot of all of your orders, or detail about a specific order.

In this release, we've also added a new 1-Page Property Detail report.

v2.0 – 13 October 2017

Know the numbers, be the expert. Introducing Market Trends for RP Data Pro!

Giving you Market Insights at your fingertips, you now have front row seats to navigate the property market with unprecedented ease of access to the power of CoreLogic’s Market Insights.

  • Suburb performance at a glance: Share, save and monitor areas of interest
  • Be the market expert: Gain new insights by changing metrics, timeframe or property type
  • Build your brand: Share and publish trends and insights to clients, prospects or your network.

We also are providing better support for Android tables.

v1.0 – 4 July 2017

Initial Launch of RP Data Pro for Android.