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3 Reasons To Choose Digital Property Ads

While the majority of businesses are adapting to the rise in digital solutions and automation, the real estate industry is still catching up with many offices relying on print material. While this is a common way to gain the interest of local homeowners, digital advertising can do this more effectively, and can open the door to many opportunities for growth.

Common Doubts About Print Marketing

Ordering print material requires a design that is print ready. Your office will hence require a designer, which is more often than not an outsourcing expense. Of course, this design takes time following the time taken for printing and distribution.

A major concern, however, is the uncertainty around uptake and conversion tracking. How do you know how many of the 100+ recipients opened their letterboxes and read the brochure? How do you track how many of your website visitors came from the brochure, or how many callers saw it without asking them?

There is no clear way to track the return on this investment accurately. Effective marketing needs to be measurable, or your office could be wasting budget that could otherwise be converted into revenue. This is where digital comes in, with three key reasons to adopt digital today.

3 Reasons To Choose Digital Property Ads

1. Know & Control Who You Are Targeting

Digital advertising allows you to choose exactly who to serve your ads to. Age, demographics, interests, and location are the main characteristics that you can customise. For example, instead of distributing print material into all letterboxes near a recently sold home, show a Just Sold ad to homeowners between the age of 40-65 within 5 kilometers.

A further bonus is that you can target individuals who have visited your website in the past 180 days and use smart machine learning to find prospects similar to your valued existing customer base. This pool of eligible prospects will serve your ad more than once, increasing the lasting impression that your brand will have.

2. On-brand Creative, Added For You

Plezzel’s digital delivery team set up your vendor-paid ad templates in the system, so you don’t have to provide these each time an order to placed. This efficient process is designed to save you time, so you can focus on listing and selling.

Once design preferences are set up, your office pushes the property to Plezzle’s Platform by selecting the Plezzel check box in your compatible ordering system.

3. Tracking That Uncovers Opportunities

A campaign report is sent out halfway through the campaign and at completion. These reports provide the number of times your ad has been served on screen, the number of individuals reached, and the number of clicks, another important metric to measure performance.

Additionally, a reporting dashboard is available to provide an automatically generated and interactive view of performance tracking across all Plezzel ads within a time period of your choice. This allows you to really measure the return on your investment from how many individuals are viewing the ads to how many clicked and took action.

Make The Move To Digital With Plezzel

To learn more about our innovative digital tools or get started, get in touch with our team today.


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