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3 Steps To Sell Digital Advertising To Your Vendor

When it comes to selling digital advertising to your vendor, it may feel like a challenge. Fortunately, there are just three key steps to focus on; explain what digital vendor advertising is, how this benefits the seller, and provide further information.

Step One: Ensure you understand digital vendor paid advertising

Digital Vendor Paid Advertising is advertising placed in front of buyers while they are using social media, popular search engines and popular websites promoting the vendor’s property. By presenting your property ad in front of the right eyes at the right time, you're implementing a more targeted, effective approach.

Digital advertising provides more flexibility around how the property is displayed; with video, image, and carousel options available across various devices, with a range of call-to-action buttons available depending on what will be most effective and relevant.

Plezzel's media engine templates presenting properties in different ways allowing for customisation.

How do you know your ads are being shown to the right people in this digital environment? Advertising digitally gives you more control over who you are targeting than ever before. Rather than hoping local in-market buyers will drive past your billboard or open up the right newspaper to find your printed ad, digital advertising can show your property to buyers based on their recent activity, interests and affinities.

Using an automated ad platform such as Plezzel allows you to tap into customised ad templates and a team of experienced digital marketing experts to easily create, target and publish your digital ads. You can select the most appropriate age group, interests, and locations to target to achieve the most effective result and increase genuine property interest, which can be based on the property price, number of bedrooms, land size, location, and your recommendations.

Step Two: Know the key benefits of digital vendor paid ads

The ability to reach in-market buyers that are online over 6 hours a day in a low-cost manner is very attractive. This form of advertising grows your brand and provides social proof of your listings in the current market. By confidently explaining how your digital marketing solution will benefit potential sellers, you're instilling trust and confidence in you as their expert agent.

To exude this confidence, it's important to do your research, truly understand how digital can lead to a better sales outcome, and maintain this knowledge as times change and technologies develop.

Some key benefits and talk tracks focus on:

  • Don't "hope" your buyer will find you, find your ideal buyer for the property
  • Buyers are online up to 6 hours per day - show ads on the channels they are using
  • Spend your marketing budget effectively by targeting the right buyers at the right time
  • Attract more buyers to create more interest and competition
  • Reduce days on the market by finding your ideal buyer sooner
  • Retarget to your agency's powerful database of active buyers, and similar audiences likely to show interest

By trusting in a dedicated ad platform such as Plezzel, you can tap into your rich pool of CRM contacts, Open For Inspection enquiries, and your enquiries from top listing portals to target your ads to people who have shown genuine intent in the market. With your database, advertising digitally also allows you to use your audience to go out on social media platforms to find others who display similar characteristics called Look-a-Like audiences. This key audience is a great value add to explain to your vendors as they can rest assured you are showing their property to an engaged audience.

Step Three: Provide more information

Ensure you have a ‘leave behind’ or inclusion in your marketing pack explaining the key benefits of digital ads. When you partner with Plezzel, you can access VPA brochures which highlight the key benefits of digital advertising in a simplified format, helping your vendors to better understand digital advertising and positioning you as the expert. It also encourages your vendor to select an option that will support a stronger final result.

For more information about how you can quickly and easily promote your listings on social media to the right people, speak to us today about Plezzel.


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