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Building Trust with Transparent Reporting

Building and maintaining trust with your vendor has always been important, however, this is amplified in an uncertain market. Sellers absorb negative market news and become increasingly concerned they won't receive the sale result they're hoping for.

These nerves require stronger trust between the agent and seller, which all comes back to communication.

Providing insights, explaining market fluctuations, and sharing consistent campaign reports is key.

The Connection Between Reporting And Trust

Vendors tend to be much more cautious and sceptical of your service when conditions are unfavourable.

However, this scepticism will subside if you can show them you are the expert with transparent reporting and insights.

This goes hand-in-hand with providing excellent communication throughout their sales journey.

For example, when you're providing campaign updates, share campaign reports to back up your summary and maintain transparency.

Those with a less trusted brand will be more impacted in a tough market, while those with a trusted brand can expect a more consistent flow of listings.

Effective Reporting Is Not Easy To Find

Many real estate offices don't have reporting that effectively tracks the property campaign and highlights actionable insights.

Reports are often too complex, difficult for your vendor to understand, and take too long to find.

Your reporting solution should cover all your reporting needs and be easy to understand for someone without digital experience (your vendor).

The reports should only focus on key metrics and insights, have a glossary to explain terms, and use images to support findings.

To avoid adding to your tech and subscription costs, your reporting solution should integrate with your Marketing System.

Reporting Must-haves

It's all well and good to receive and provide reports, but the benefits of these insights can be lost if not approached correctly.

When choosing the right reporting solution for you, it's important to ensure:

  • Simplicity - Are reports easy to understand? Are all metrics necessary?
  • Clear Presentation - Is the report laid out well? Do they include supporting visuals?
  • Accuracy - Where have these insights come from? Has data been verified?
  • Time-saving - Do reports require manual work? Can they be automated?
  • Integration - Can reports combine insights from various platforms?

Plezzel Reporting

Plezzel's reports are automated and clearly presented to help you develop that trust with your vendor and help boost word-of-mouth marketing among local homeowners.

Director-level reporting is automatically sent to key stakeholders on a Monday, providing an overview of business performance. Real-time insights can also be viewed directly on your dashboard when you log in to the Plezzel Platform.

Important metrics such as days on the market, enquiry volume, lead source, and more are displayed in a similar format to the preview below. This information is also a powerful guide to help your office collate trends, leading to more informed decisions when recommending marketing products to your vendors.

Weekly Listing Report, report example showing stats, report for real estate, automated report for real estate agents

Agent-level reporting is also shared automatically on a weekly basis, providing property insights to the associated listing agents. These reports identify where enquiries are coming from; whether that be through marketing portals, your website, or open home attendees.

Campaign reports are shared at the mid-point and end point of your property campaign. Mid campaign reports are a great opportunity for agent's to assess performance, share an update with their vendor, and work with the Plezzel team to further optimise results. Rather that approaching ads with a 'set and forget' mindset, Plezzel recommend learning from your data, where buyers are coming from, and working with Plezzel to update targeting and get the most out of your digital campaigns.

All reports are office branded, designed so you can forward on to your Vendor as a campaign update. Not sure what to make of these results? Plezzel's glossary page defines what each metric means or, even better, pick up the phone to discuss your campaign with the Plezzel team. It's important to feel 100% confident in explaining results and recommendations with Client's, so the Plezzel team love to assist in any way possible.

Get Started Today

Plezzel's reporting feature is easy to set up, and our team is happy to help your office get started today.


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