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Digital Audiences: Converting In-the-market Buyers

Segmenting your audience means improving how you target in-the-market buyers when it comes to Vendor Paid Marketing. This allows for more accurate targeting, where you reach the right audiences at the right time with relevant content. This increases not only campaign performance but also overall property results.

What is Audience Segmentation?

Digital audience segmentation involves analysing your database and grouping people based on similarities such as buyers, tenants, homeowners and investors. You can then subcategorise these audiences into other segments based on demographics, e.g. location, age and income. At Plezzel, we call this smart audience creation.

But first, you need a system to effectively capture your enquiries. This means recording contact details from prospects into your database when they make enquiries online, attend open homes or utilise your agency’s services in any other way. Once your database is organised into various audience segments, you can determine which group to strategically target with purposeful marketing campaigns based on your current objectives.

Keeping Your Audiences Updated 

To be effective, your audience must be accurate. This can be a challenge in real estate. After all, a tenant today can be a first homeowner tomorrow. Instead of manually capturing, segmenting, managing and updating your data, software solutions like those provided by Plezzel can automate the process, saving you an incredible amount of time.

Convert In-the-market Buyers With Vendor Paid Marketing

An up-to-date, segmented database is crucial for driving ongoing growth and targeting the right buyers with Vendor Paid Marketing. It ensures your campaigns are always relevant, engaging and delivered to the right audience. After all, you wouldn’t market the same properties to renting students on a low income as you would affluent property investors. Data segmentation means you're able to design campaigns around each audience. For example:

  • Investors: Deliver emails that cover local suburb performance
  • First home buyers: Target with digital ads showcasing affordable listings
  • Landlords: Share property management tips and legislation updates
  • Homeowners: Invite local homeowners to request an up-to-date property valuation

Relevant content means you have a far greater chance of engaging prospects. With the right automated tools, you can save your agency a huge amount of time completing data entry, while also delivering more effective campaigns.

Fuel Vendor Paid Marketing With Plezzel’s Digital Audience Creation

At Plezzel, we provide automated solutions for data capture, audience segmentation, lead management and digital marketing. When you use Plezzel, you have complete ownership and control over your data. Market your vendor's home using powering Vendor Paid Marketing campaigns, supported by accurate audience targeting and an expert team on hand to answer any questions you have.

To learn more about our digital campaigns, get in touch with our team today.


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