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How Engagement & Repetition Leads to Conversion

Ever noticed you’ll see the same ads several times over while browsing the net or using social media? This is no accident. In fact, it’s linked to a marketing tactic called “the rule of 7”. Here’s how your agency can apply this traditional marketing principle while leveraging digital tools to maximise conversions.

What is the Rule of 7?

Quite simply, the rule of 7 states that a prospective customer needs to hear an advertiser’s message at least 7 times before taking action, i.e. purchasing their product or service. It reportedly harkens back to the 1930’s Hollywood film industry. Studio executives realised that repeated advertising and promotion compelled audiences to see their films.

As a consumer, you’ll likely agree that an advertisement or promotional message is more likely to stick with you after seeing it multiple times. You’re also more likely to remember details like the brand and the actions you need to take. However, applying the rule of 7 effectively isn’t as simple as bombarding an audience repeatedly with your ad.

Put Strategy First

Remember, generating conversions requires strategy. Repeatedly bombarding audiences with ads over and over won’t yield results. Sure, they may remember the ad, but how will it make them feel? If it’s irrelevant or simply too repetitive, you may end up irritating audiences instead of converting them. The last thing you want is for people to unfollow your social media accounts and take actions such as hiding or blocking your ads.

The key is to have a well-defined audience and craft a relevant and engaging ad for them. Hyper-target the right people by segmenting your own database and properly utilising targeting tools on channels like Facebook and Google. Tailor content to different audience segments based on the specific goals of each ad or promotional post.

For example, are you advertising a listing? Consider that property's size, location and price and create ads targeted towards in-the-market buyers who are likely to be interested in and qualify for that home. Looking for new vendors? Create engaging ads that highlight your agency’s local expertise and experience with buttons that make it easy to request an appraisal.

Applying the Rule of 7 in the Digital World

In today’s digital world, brands have countless opportunities to reach their audiences. Rather than hoping an audience hears or sees an advertising message 7 times, we can instead apply the rule of 7 to all the different touchpoints available online. This includes:

  • Your brand across all portals and social media
  • Sponsored posts on social media channels
  • Display ads on a third-party website
  • Google My Business
  • Emails, newsletters and automated reply emails.
  • Retargeting across the web

Repeatedly delivering an engaging, consistent message across these channels is all part of an effective omnichannel marketing strategy. This modern approach to the marketing rule of 7 builds familiarity and trust as potential customers repeatedly see your branded advertising in multiple places as they browse the web.

Convert With Plezzel’s Data-Driven Digital Marketing

At Plezzel, we can help you create highly targeted, purpose-built ads that convert. Our smart, automated segmentation tools help you engage the right audiences, making the most out of your database. Meanwhile, our tried and tested campaign strategies utilise email alerts and retargeting across all platforms for effective repetition that generates results.

O’Brien Real Estate Group generate 900+ appraisal requests via digital ads

O’Brien Real Estate Group used Plezzel to build their brand awareness and generate new leads via digital advertising.

Over a six-month campaign, O’Brien’s utilised targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram and the Google Display Network, resulting in their ads being viewed over 5 million times.

What they achieved:
  • 24.48% increase in website sessions*
  • 8,040.14% increase in goal conversions (including appraisal requests, suburb report previews, completed suburb reports and find an agent searches*
  • 900+ quality appraisal requests*

“Plezzel used their digital platform to drive powerful audience retargeting strategies. Since launch, we have seen a strong increase in Suburb Report downloads and appraisal requests.”

- Jason Mudford, General Manager of OBrien Real Estate.

To learn more about our digital campaigns, get in touch with our team today.


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