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Ordering Vendor Paid Advertising Packages

Ordering Vendor Paid Advertising (VPA) Packages is easy and can be done using your current marketing systems and processes. Efficient and easy ordering is essential during a busy season, and now is the time to clarify processes and systems.

Ordering is Integrated Into Your Normal Process

When we onboard our clients following a demo session, ordering VPA packages is effortless. Plezzel integrates with your Marketing System to automatically access property listing details used for all your advertising needs. Plezzel integrates with all top Marketing Systems; such as RealHub, CampaignTrack and RedHQ.

If you generally use the same VPA Package for your properties, switching on Straight Through Process (STP) is a great option. This allows Plezzel Ads to be automatically ordered when a listing is activated, removing the need to manually order and saving you time. Want to order a different Package to the usual? Simply recall the ad using the Plezzel Platform and complete a manual order as you normally would.

Ordering Through Your Marketing System

Plezzel’s Digital Marketing products can be ordered alongside other services within your Marketing System; such as signboards and printed collateral. Simply select Plezzel and the VPA package you wish to order, and the Plezzel team will start building your ad.

Ordering Through the Plezzel Platform

Customers with a Plezzel Platform Subscription gain access to a range of beneficial capabilities, with easy ordering being one of them. Simply log in and select the “Order Social Ad” option to select your package, adding any additional targeting or format requests into the notes section. Subscription customers will also save money on the ad products available.

Why Order Your Vendor Paid Marketing with Plezzel?

Ordering your VPA with Plezzel gives you more than an ad on social media; it supports your long-term growth.

Simple ordering process integrated with your CRM (Order your Plezzel ads when you order all other marketing collateral, with these ads slotting right into your existing invoice)

Set and forget – We take care of the heavy lifting, providing mid-campaign and end-of-campaign reports to share with your Vendor.

Smart audience segmentation for higher Return On Investment (Plezzel use innovative segmentation tech to ensure your ads are shown to the right audience at the right time with the right message)

Build your data that you own (the more you advertise with Plezzel, the more your audience grows)

Industry-leading service and support – Got a question or not sure or targeting? Our team is entirely Australian-based, available when you need it most.

Book a Demo Today to Get Started

Contact our friendly team today to lead how you can seamlessly include Plezzel’s VPA with ordering other marketing needs.


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