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Selling Digital Marketing to Your Vendors

As vendor confidence can fluctuate, it is important to understand how to leverage digital real estate technology.

As an agent, it's critical you feel comfortable and confident selling digital real estate ads to your vendors. In order to achieve this, you need to understand the key benefits of digital so you can communicate this in a simplified way that resonates with the homeowner.

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1. Reach more buyers across multiple channels

Plezzel's Property Ads are placed on a mixture of social media platforms and popular websites. Property portals generate buyer enquiry but it's really important to keep pushing the property out when potential buyers aren't even on those websites. This is one of the many reasons why digital data is reshaping real estate.

2. Find your buyer (don't hope buyers will come to you)

Don't wait for qualified buyers to find your listing. Relying on busy in-the-market buyers to stumble across your listing on popular real estate portals is like leaving the outcome of your sale up to chance. Instead, you can harness the power of your digital assets and real estate data to attract them.

3. Your digital real estate letterbox drop targeting the right audience

Every local homeowner in the direct vicinity of your property and any in-the-market buyer for that particular property will be targeted.

4. Achieve greater success

Compliment the rest of your marketing campaign by ensuring that your property is proactively pushed out to these in-the-market buyers and as many times as possible. This will help you achieve a successful sale.

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