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The New Customer Journey in Real Estate

How agents manage relationships with vendors, buyers, landlords and tenants plays a key role in how much new and repeat business you receive. Not understanding customer mindsets can result in a poor customer experience and lost opportunities. The new way to approach customer journeys in real estates is to do so with a data-driven mindset.

How Technology Has Changed the Customer Journey in Real Estate

The customer journey includes all one-off and cumulative interactions customers have with your staff members, website, social channels, products, branding and marketing. The digital disruption driven by technological change and behavioural changes related to COVID-19 means there is now an unprecedented level of interactions online between brands and their customers.

These changes mean that customers experience brands differently and have bigger expectations than in the past. Instead of subscribing to industry norms, agents should think strategically and creatively about how they can improve customer journeys.

Fast Enquiry Response

The first step to providing an excellent customer journey is ensuring every enquiry is met with an immediate branded and personalised response with a follow-up call locked in. Smart technology solutions is how to achieve this without extensive manual work. Plezzel can help you capture every enquiry from every source. We’ll send personalised responses and create tasks in your CRM for follow-up.

Capture Customers During the Research Phase

Innovative agents use advanced tools and targeted digital advertising to show buyers properties that match their needs while they are in research mode. A poorly targeted ad or email detracts from the customer experience. It’s essential your real estate technology platform offers tight targeting on a customer level, not just a property level.

Nurture and Engage Your Customers

A good customer experience nurtures your customers with notifications and alerts about their favourite properties and keeps them engaged with key pieces of critical information. Send documents like contracts and suburb profiles to convert customers during critical phases of the real estate buyer journey.

Research conducted by the Plezzel team shows that customers are more likely to think favourably about your business if agents provide additional information to help their purchasing decision.

Personalisation and Consistency in Your Brand

Your personalised brand needs to be consistent and appeal to current and prospective customers. Define your personal brand by evaluating:

  • Core demographics of customers
  • Niches in the market
  • Your personality and values
  • The area you service
  • The value proposition that makes you different from competitors.

These can help guide you towards establishing a brand identity that will resonate with potential clients. Once established, your brand should be consistently delivered across everything you do, from social media posts to enquiry responses.

Contact Plezzel Today for Your Next Digital Campaign

Creating great customer journeys in real estate requires consistency, communication, personalisation and advanced technology. At Plezzel, we’re digital marketing experts specialising in real estate.


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