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Tracking Real Estate Performance Metrics Efficiently

Plezzel has developed a simple, informative dashboard that helps agents efficiently track real estate performance metrics. Quality data and insights help to refine internal processes and improve customer service in the real estate industry. Unfortunately, one of the most significant gaps many agencies face is tracking performance and providing accurate reporting.

Without the right tools, you can spend hours compiling information in spreadsheets. This limits how well you respond to a fluctuating, dynamic real estate market. It can also mean missing important information, leading to lost opportunities.

At Plezzel, we've developed a simple, informative dashboard solution that automatically helps agents collate performance data and insights. This gives agents an effective tool to implement predictive modelling, connect with more in-the-market buyers and produce better outcomes for real estate clients.

What Information Can Agents See?

Plezze's portal integrations give better access to more accurate data, it's easier for agents to track performance metrics efficiently to forecast how, when and where to reach the right customers. For example, which listings are generating interest? Are your ad campaigns driving enquiries? Which platforms are those enquiries coming in? Should you adjust your ad spend or tactics in response?

Plezzel's effective reporting dashboard answers all these questions and more by automatically tracking key information such as:

  • Active listings
  • Listings trends
  • Ads per listing
  • Sold listings
  • Sold listings trends
  • Enquiry trends (homeowner and investor)
  • Enquiry Source
  • Website and ad performance metrics

By automating the process of collecting this data, agents can quickly track campaign performance while saving time for important manual tasks that cannot be automated; such as making calls to build relationships. Make data-driven decisions that help improve your digital marketing ROI.

Benefits of a Reporting Dashboard

Having rich data sets on is just one piece of the puzzle. Visualising that data in a simple, pleasing dashboard allows agents to work more efficiently and effectively. You can spot trends and make better decisions for promoting future listings. Promptly receiving this information helps agencies make sense of buyers' and sellers' personalised journeys in each localised market.

Real estate is rapidly moving, with buyers and sellers constantly searching for a reasonable price and a more suitable property. A reporting dashboard keeps you well-informed about prospective buyer and seller criteria. With accurate, live information, you can match listings with the right buyer, moving at the speed of search engines (where most customer journeys begin).

What to Look for in a Reporting Solution

Tracking real estate performance metrics efficiently is essential for listings growth and begins with the benefits of these insights being set out properly. When choosing a reporting solution, look for the following:

  • Simplicity - Are reports easy to understand? Are all metrics necessary?
  • Presentation - Is the report laid out well? Are there supporting visuals?
  • Accuracy - Where have these insights come from? Has data been verified?
  • Time-saving - Do reports require manual work? Can they be automated?
  • Integration - Can reports combine insights from various platforms?

Tracking Real Estate Performance Metrics Efficiently With Plezzel

At Plezzel, our reporting solutions are designed to save time and provide valuable insights through a simple, intuitively designed dashboard. We provide end-to-end solutions for capturing leads and enquiries from multiple online and social portals, segmenting them into your CRM software then extracting insights through automated reporting.

To learn more, get in touch with our team today.


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