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Transform Business Operations with the Construction Data API.

APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, can revolutionise the way you do business by powering your internal systems with real-time data. But if you're considering integrating an API into your business, it's essential to understand the benefits and considerations involved.

CoreLogic's Construction API, offers a range of advantages such as reduced manual processes, real-time data access, faster operating rhythms, and spatial enablement. However, before diving into API integration, it's important to assess your system's compatibility and conduct thorough testing to ensure a seamless implementation.

What is the Construction API?

An API is a set of rules and protocols that allows different software applications to communicate and interact with each other. It acts as a bridge between different software systems or applications, enabling them to exchange Cordell construction and/or housing data.

How can the Construction API help my business?
  • Increased staff engagement & accountability: The API enables real-time data access, allowing staff members to stay updated and accountable for their tasks.
  • Reduction of double handling & manual processes: By automating data exchange between systems, the API eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces errors associated with duplicate handling.
  • Faster operating rhythms: The API facilitates efficient lead and opportunity creation, as well as forecasting updates by providing real-time data access within your system.
  • Project searching within your own system: The API allows you to directly search for projects from within your system, streamlining the workflow and enhancing productivity.
  • Greater customisation: With the API, you can tailor your system to meet specific requirements, making it more flexible and adaptable to your business needs.
  • Spatial enablement: The API is spatially enabled, which means it can power mapping tools within your system. This provides a visual representation of location-based information, aiding in decision-making and analysis.
What should I consider before integrating an API?
  • Check API connection capabilities: Assess whether your internal system or CRM supports API integration. Most modern systems have the capability to connect via API.
  • IT support or developer assistance: Ensure that you have an IT support team or access to a developer who can assist with the integration process. They will be responsible for implementing and maintaining the API integration.
  • Evaluate manual processes: Identify if you have significant time and effort being spent on manual processes. The API can help automate these processes, saving time and reducing errors.
How can I test the API?

To determine if the API will work for your business, it's recommended to conduct User Acceptance Testing (UAT) in a test environment before deploying it in the live/production environment. This allows your IT team or developers to test the API thoroughly, validate data integration, and ensure it functions as expected.

Do I need to integrate all Cordell data?

If you don't want to integrate all the data from Cordell into your CRM, the UAT phase is crucial. It helps assess whether the API meets your business requirements and validates data integrity. During this phase, you can work on the necessary design to ensure that the required integrated data populates correctly within your preferred system setup.

What API packages are available?

CoreLogic offers four API packages. Package pricing is based on usage, with each package offering a specific number of monthly records that can be retrieved into your system. Your Account Manager can help determine the package that best suits your needs, and it can be adjusted over time to accommodate changes in usage.

Can I keep my access to the Cordell Connect platform?

Within the four API packages available, options 1 and 2 provide API access only, while options 3 and 4 include both API access and platform access.

I’m interested – what should I do next?

Reach out to your CoreLogic account manager or request a callback here and we will be in touch to discuss next steps and the package which would best suit your needs.

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