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55 appraisals from a cold database in just three weeks

Time in real estate is precious, and quality leads are paramount. Roger Eveans, voted as Ipswich's number one real estate agent for Link Properties, faced the daunting task of reaching out to 8000 cold contacts in the Lockyer Valley. Here’s how Lead Sourcing assisted in revolutionising his lead generation approach.

Transforming lead generation:

Roger's challenge was significant—with a list of 8000 cold contacts and a limited bandwidth. Lead Sourcing stepped in, meticulously calling each person while Roger focused on meeting customers. "The Lead Sourcing team's approach was impeccable. Their professionalism and dedication allowed me to focus on what I do best—conducting appraisals."

This is not just telemarketing, Lead Sourcing takes prospecting off your to-do list supporting all your prospecting activities. The Australian-based team can make lead gen calls, support SMS campaigns, and maintain an up-to-date database, giving you more time to focus on qualified, warm leads.

Results at speed:

The impact was immediate and impressive. Roger completed a remarkable 55 appraisals in the first three weeks, thanks to Lead Sourcing's efficiency. "They became my indispensable assistant during this period," Roger shares. "Their quality leads and exceptional service enabled me to generate leads rapidly."

Scale up when needed:

Looking ahead, Roger sees Lead Sourcing as integral to his business expansion plans. Its flexibility allows him to scale operations without needing full-time staff, saving costs while maintaining efficiency. "Using Lead Sourcing has been a game-changer," Roger asserts. "It's a cost-effective solution and I know using their services again I’ll be back on the road going from appraisal to appraisal thanks to their efforts.”

Unlock more time

Lead Sourcing has saved Roger invaluable time and driven his success in the real estate market. "Thanks to Lead Sourcing, I've not only increased sales but also my time to make meaningful connections, it's a tool every agent should consider."

With its proven track record and undeniable results, is it time you considered Lead Sourcing and discovered the leads waiting in your database?

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