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Fuelling success for our clients: Plezzel’s year of digital ad achievements in Real Estate

Plezzel had a big year in 2023, and at CoreLogic we take pride in the monumental achievements we've achieved for our clients. Take a look at some of the impressive statistics that highlight the substantial impact Plezzel’s digital ad strategies have had on client success.

Who’s counting... We are.

Impressions: 131,625,767

A staggering 131 million impressions reflect the extensive visibility we've generated for our clients, ensuring their properties capture the attention of potential buyers, and that their agency is front and centre in the minds of those in the local community.

Talk about exposure.

Reach: 29,957,569

With a reach of over 29 million on Facebook, we've redefined the meaning of exposure in the real estate arena. Our tailored strategies have not just showcased properties and agencies but have placed them in front of a vast and relevant audience, maximizing the potential for successful engagements.

Click, click, boom.

Clicks: 5,342,277

Boasting an impressive 5 million clicks, our campaigns have not only attracted attention but have prompted meaningful interactions. Each click represents a visitor to clients’ websites, emphasising the effectiveness of our targeted approach in capturing the interest of those in the property market.

Let’s keep the conversation flowing.

Engagements: 168,052

Fostering connections and meaningful interactions is at the core of our strategy. With 168,052 engagements including reactions, comments, shares and likes, we've successfully ignited conversations between our clients and their target audience, ensuring a dynamic and responsive online presence.

Building dreams, one property at a time.

Leads 2,653

Our focus on quality leads has created 2,653 new leads for our clients, leads they own through their website.

Digital advertising is untapped potential for many real estate agencies. From vast impressions to tangible leads, if you would like to have your fair share of brand exposure throughout 2024, find out more about Plezzel today.


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CoreLogic Australia

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