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How do you get more appraisals from old data?

Regardless of your experience level as an agent, a common hurdle is figuring out what to do with legacy data. This includes contacts that lack clear owners or have been left behind by former colleagues (often referred to as orphan data).

Structured approach to legacy data:

Alan Bourkes, Principal at Bourkes Real Estate, understands the challenge at hand and has adopted a structured approach to tackle old data head-on.

"We used to have a more hands-off approach, letting new agents get to know their surroundings and figure things out on their own. Nowadays, we're much more descriptive and prescriptive. We have them on the phone by the second day, mining our orphan data."

Know who to call and what to talk about:

But knowing who to call each day and what to talk about becomes the next challenge. That's where RiTA comes in to streamline the process, guiding agents with targeted calls and helping to identify these overlooked contacts.

"Our goal is to help new agents build a database of around a thousand contacts within a short period. RiTA is instrumental in facilitating this process, providing the necessary call lists and relevant data to make these interactions efficient and productive."

With RiTA's guidance, every call becomes an opportunity to nurture relationships and uncover hidden potential. RiTA identifies high-value contacts in your database and sparks meaningful conversations. By analysing a CRM, RiTA assigns star ratings to contacts based on relationship history and data quality. RiTA also stays updated on market trends, recommending personalised discussion topics for each contact.

One in three appraisals attributed to RiTA:

"RiTA has been spectacularly impressive, particularly in its delivery of appraisals. From the last quarter, RiTA directly generated one in 10 of all appraisals. Even more impressive, during our current appraisal drive in WA where listings are extremely scarce, RiTA has been responsible for a third of all generated appraisals."

By harnessing RiTA's capabilities, Bourkes Real Estate has unlocked a host of new opportunities within old data. With a structured approach and the right tools, every agent can turn cold contacts into appraisal gold.

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