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Next-level conversations - context is everything in Real Estate

Maintaining regular and personalised conversations with your contacts is paramount to staying top-of-mind. RiTA, the digital assistant tailored for the real estate industry, has recently become even more powerful with the release of new AI technology for smarter contextual SMS conversations.

RiTA is smarter than ever

With the recent release of new AI enhancements, RiTA has been further empowered to understand and interpret customer conversations. Whether distinguishing between a contact looking to buy a home to live in or upgrade versus someone who has paused their home search, RiTA can handle many more conversation scenarios effortlessly.

More context means smarter conversations

But it's not just about qualification; it's about creating meaningful interactions. RiTA now can gather more context about each contact, ensuring smarter conversations. If the contact is looking to sell their home now, soon, or has recently sold, RiTA can tailor its responses accordingly, enhancing the customer experience and keeping your database organised and primed for future campaigns.

RiTA can:

  • Understand a wider range of conversation topics, such as indicating interest in buying a home or not looking to purchase an investment property, enabling more advanced SMS conversations with your contacts.
  • Understand and interpret multiple languages including Chinese Mandarin, Cantonese, and Arabic
  • Interpret unsubscribe requests even if they don't contain an exact opt-out phrase, such as "I'd prefer not to receive more info from you."

RiTA’s AI legacy and SMS evolution

Since its inception, RiTA has leveraged cutting-edge AI technology to streamline real estate operations. Among its original features is the capability to score contacts based on engagement levels and qualify them as potential leads in your CRM. RiTA excels at generating daily call lists featuring the warmest opportunities in your database. All of RiTA’s AI solutions are strategically directed towards promising prospects, increasing the likelihood of conversion into clients.

RiTA's evolution into SMS conversations marked a significant shift in client communication. Take, for instance, Harcourts Mandurah's experience. By integrating RiTA's SMS capabilities, they witnessed a remarkable increase in contact conversion rates to clients, from 20-30% to as high as 70-75%. This seamless and scalable solution ensures continuous engagement with their entire database, creating better results and building stronger contact relationships.

"RiTA has been instrumental in our efforts to reduce communication gaps, by keeping in touch with leads who may have gone cold." Paul Blakeley, Licensee Harcourts Real Estate

RiTA’s ability to scale communications with SMS conversations has now become even more powerful with the recent advancements in its AI.  This alleviates the need for real estate agents to pick up conversations sooner, allowing them to focus their time and energy on the most promising leads.

Existing RiTA customer?

Be the first to utliise RiTA’s advanced AI conversation technology. If you’re an admin user, to enable this feature, click the banner on your RiTA dashboard and follow the instructions. Not an admin? Contact your account administrator to enable this for you.

To learn more about how this technology can elevate your business. Connect with our customer success team

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