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We all know that a property search can be a daunting and lengthy process. Your customers will likely be evaluating a great number of options in the search for their next property based on an array of motivations specific to their requirements.

User feedback tells us that the property reports are well liked and utilised, providing a quick “one stop shop” view on a property, its sale history, other comparable properties on the market, and local suburb insights. Recently we have added school zones to the report knowing that this information can also be critical in driving your customers’ decisions.

As we progress in the digital age, it seems appropriate that the property report is also updated to provide the benefits that a truly digital format can provide. We have been working behind the scenes to launch a new, dynamic report version and are happy to tell you that, subject to your subscription package, it is now available for your use in PropertyHub.

When you log into the PropertyHub, simply navigate to a property page and click the 'Order' button.

From here, you will see a new tile for the digital property report option.

A key benefit of the new digital property reports is the associated analytics, which allow you to better understand how your customers are using the reports. Whilst we know the static, PDF versions of the reports are well used we also recognise that there are limitations to them, primarily in the loss of visibility as to how your customer is using reports you send to them. With a dynamic digital report, you are now able to see key insights that can help you further develop your relationship with customers and guide your conversations accordingly.

Once you have ordered and emailed the digital property report to your customer, you can navigate to “My Orders” to see more details about how they have used the report.

What does this mean? Here are some of the usage details you will be able to view:

  • When customers opened the report
  • Which sections did they navigate to and spend time looking at
  • Which comparable properties they clicked on
  • How long they spent looking at market trends for the suburb the property is in

With the knowledge that this information provides you, you will be able to talk with better authority and guide the customer, ultimately leading to a happier customer and a better transaction opportunity!

The digital property report stays active for 30 days from the time it is generated and sent to your customer. There may be instances when customers will need to revisit a property report after this time; you can regenerate and resend the report after this time from your “my orders” tab.

Another great benefit of the report is that whilst active for 30 days, the data in the report will refresh. This means that if the estimated value for the property changes, the updated estimate will appear on the report. If new comparable properties are listed or sold, they will also appear on the report when the customer re-opens it.

Moving to a dynamic report also provides us an opportunity to provide more data than we previously have been able to. So now, instead of the limited property photos a customer could previously access via the PDF report, they are able to scroll through all photos we have available. With the mapping, they can toggle between satellite, map and street views, zooming in and out as needed to get further context on the property and the surrounding area.

With the comparable properties, users can now clearly see where these properties are in relation to the target property they are considering.They will also receive a greater number of comparable properties.

With local schools, they can also clearly see the school zone on the map to understand its borders – we know from feedback we have received how important school zones can be for families looking to make a home purchase decision!

We hope you enjoy the evolution of the property report and we welcome your feedback! Contact us or phone 1300 734 318 if you’d like to learn more.


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