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Property & Greenspace Report

Explore the benefits of greenspace - where and why nature impacts the property market


It’s widely acknowledged that access to nature makes us healthier, happier and more resilient. This report uses that premise, while considering a range of CoreLogic and public data to investigate whether the Sydney market also considers greenspace worthy of a price premium.

We explore the benefits of greenspace, where and why nature impacts the property market and incorporate international evidence that suggests ‘green’ locations attract premiums prices.

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What is included?

Property & Greenspace Report preview

Value Proposition

Is the grass really greener and what value does the property market place on greenspace in society and economically

Greenspace Benefits

This report analyses why and where proximity to nature positively impacts urban housing prices and provides a case study of its impact on Sydney and surrounding areas

Essential Reading

Economists, mortgage brokers, policy advisers, government planners, media, real estate agents or anyone wanting to understand the key drivers affecting the Australian property market