The mortgage industry is complex. The rise of digital transformation, combined with lockdowns, continue to make it even more multi-faceted. Lenders today need to offer faster, easier and more personalised on-the-spot financing, while quickly, being able to make data-driven decisions.

Using sophisticated data to support the home ownership journey, savvy lenders are getting faster and more efficient at determining loan eligibility, conducting risk assessments, launching innovative loan products, and providing a customised experience for customers.

CoreLogic and a panel of industry leaders got together on a recent webinar to discuss how technology and data help lenders transform their loan origination across channels.

  • Melissa Christy – Head of Lending at 86 400
  • Joseph Seychell - Chief Risk Officer at Athena
  • Shaun Lordan - Chief Product Officer at Nano Digital Home Loans
  • Moderator - Milena Malev, General Manager, Financial Services & Insurance, CoreLogic Asia Pacific

Watch the webinar below.