Why you can trust CoreLogic data

At CoreLogic, we are passionate about property data. We’re passionate about how we collect it from more than 660+ industry, public and government sources - more than any other provider; how we cleanse the data and ensure quality with a double-entry keying and stringent de-duplication processes including manual reviews of non-matched records is our data differentiator. We protect privacy with our strict Trust Through Transparency policy.


How our data compares to our nearest competitor

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Why you need superior data

With more than 5 billion decision points, CoreLogic has the market covered with an unbeatable breadth and depth of data you can rely on, together with more historical detail, more photographs and more ownership insights. Click on each image below for more information

We triangulate every address against title records, lot numbers and even longitude and latitude coordinates, which significantly improves accuracy.

We are the only property data company in Australia to manually key in property advertisements from more than 370 newspapers and real estate publications. We do this every week.

We have our own researchers who physically visit commercial properties, and manually collect and assess construction data. Our data is differentiated through its quality with multiple observations of the same records, de-duplication of input data and programatic checks of user changes.

With our systems powering the valuation industry, we update our estimates of the sale and rental value of every residential property in the country every week. The accuracy of these key analytics is then benchmarked against valid sources to confirm accuracy

We spend in excess of $20M each year on data and technology, and invest in our people to deliver the best solutions to our customers.

We are the only data company who can provide insights into the full lifecycle from zoning, to construction, sale, lease, extension, resale, demolition and the valuations that are affected by these actions.

Our data is trusted by The Australian Bureau of Statistics and Reserve Bank who have chosen to partner with us because of the quality and reliability of our data.

Founded in 1991 as RP Data, CoreLogic is the #1 trusted data provider in Australia. Our data and analytics are relied upon by over 150,000 users across real estate agents, mortgage brokers, property valuers, banking and finance, insurance and government.

CoreLogic is the only independent property data company in Australia not owned by any real estate, media or banking interests.

We have a 95% accuracy rate on recent sales and regular capture an average of 10% more auction results every week over our competitors. Our transparency on how we collect and process data along with thorough checking process ensures you are accessing a uniquely high quality database.

Notice something not quite right? Let us know!

But like any database, we are not infallible. Mistakes do occur in individual records from time to time, or we may have gaps in our data, especially for older, non-traded properties.

In these events, it is our commitment to updating our records and making corrections quickly that give us an additional edge. We encourage our 120,000 end users to let us know if they see a discrepancy in our data by contacting us via email at: [email protected]

We encourage users provide as much detail as possible and include screen grabs or photos if possible. Our data team will then work to address the issue and keep our users informed of progress.