Cityscope - Commercial Property Information

In-depth data on CBD commercial property

Cityscope provides detailed information on commercial properties in 30 major CBD office markets across Australia and New Zealand. It caters to the needs of commercial property professionals such as agents and valuers and also a broad range of service businesses who engage with building owners, managers and tenants.

6 ways Cityscope helps your business

  1. Understand your local commercial market - If you’re a city agent, or if you sell or invest in commercial property, you need to understand stock levels, ownership details, tenants and know properties that could be about to go on the market. Cityscope offers the most comprehensive CBD property database available.
  2. Win more business – Cityscope provides access to contact information for thousands of property owners and tenants giving you access to new opportunities – be that winning new sales or lease listings or selling your property related services. Furthermore Cityscope’s detailed building information and powerful searching enable to target more focussed opportunities.
  3. Seize opportunities - See what developments are planned and under construction. Identify development sites and vacant land, or easily identify refurbishment opportunities. Determine properties owned by investors, held by owner occupiers, true beneficial owners and foreign ownership. For building and tenant services, you’ll get great insights into the types of businesses that are operating in your CBD so you can target offers and deals to them.
  4. Power your own data - Export a wide range of data to use in your own CRM databases.
  5. Identify market players – Which owners are buying? Which owners are selling? Who owns what? Which agencies are managing which properties? Cityscope records all of this information enabling you to identify opportunities and increase your market share by winning business from your competitors.
  6. Identify market trends – the depth of current and historic sales data in Cityscope enables you to see what is happening now, but also to look at trends over a long time period across property types (including strata).

Cityscope provides accurate building attributes, tenant information, detailed sales histories, researched ownership and more.

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New Feature - Building Grades 

Building Grade is a key commercial property attribute that has been commonly requested by Cityscope customers and prospects, and it is now available to you. The addition of Building Grade data enables even more targeted segmentation of the commercial property market. The release of Building Grade data contains:

  • Changes to Property Detail views to include Building Grade
  • Ability to search/filter by Building Grade
  • Ability include Building Grade in Reports/Exports

Key Features

Cityscope combines extensive data with easy to use tools:

  • Location details, detailed mapping and imagery
  • Building descriptions and key building attributes
  • Tenant lists
  • Development applications (past and current)
  • NABERS Energy Ratings
  • Sales Histories
  • Detailed Ownership (down to true beneficial owner)
  • Managing agent and title details
  • Search tools and functionality
  • Map navigation and index lookups
  • Data search on more than 60 different data points
  • Export to excel
  • B2B contact lists
  • More than 30 areas covered:
    • NSW: Sydney CBD, North Sydney, South Sydney, etc
    • QLD: Brisbane CBD, Brisbane Fringe, Brisbane South, Gold Coast
    • VIC: Melbourne CBD, Southbank, etc
    • SA: Adelaide CBD
    • WA: Perth CBD
    • NZ: Auckland CBD, Wellington CBD, Christchurch CBD

Frequently Asked Questions

How do get Cityscope?

Access to Cityscope is sold by geographic regions. There are 30 geographic regions across Australia and three in New Zealand. The base price is for the first online user license, and additional licenses can be purchased at reduced rates. A subscriber can have an unlimited number of user accounts, with licenses allocated between these user accounts.

How do you collect the data for Cityscope?

Cityscope data is sourced and collated from a wide variety of sources including government registers, agencies, owners, councils, directories, websites, press reports and releases. Sources are further augmented by field research which includes physical inspection of each and every building to source and confirm physical building attributes, tenancy details, refurbishments, developments, managing agent, together with sales and leasing activity.

Do you have Lease Expiry data?

Lease Expiry Diary products are available for Cityscope markets across NSW and QLD. Sold as a separate subscription (but with discounts where both Cityscope and Lease Expiry Diary for the same market are purchased) Lease Expiry Diary provides information about tenants – most importantly when their leases are set to expire. A powerful tool for real estate agents, building owners, fitout companies, relocation companies, telecommunications suppliers, insurance and more.

How can I access commercial property data in non-CBD areas?

Data about commercial properties across Australia is also included within the RP Data Professional database as a separate subscription. Comprehensive commercial sales transaction data is also available through PIM (Property Information Monitor).


“Commonly refered to as the ‘bible’, Cityscope saves our company both time and money.”

Nick Drake, Managing Director, Drake Property