Cordell Estimator Platinum

Quoting jobs has never been easier or more accurate.

Cordell Estimator Platinum, our most powerful estimating platform ever, allows you to take control with super-fast estimating and the ability to see behind the costs for the first time, using our recipe explosions. 

Its practical functions mean you can rapidly create an estimate without having to build it from scratch. With advanced reporting and access to a huge range of costs, Estimator Platinum increases both speed and accuracy.  

Power-up Cordell Estimator Platinum with Cordell's pricing databases covering commercial, industrial and residential work. You can also import prices from your own preferred supplier and even use a mix of Cordell pricing and your own pricing - it's up to you!    

Combine Cordell Estimator Platinum with PlanSwift take-off tool to create even faster costings complete with quantity take-offs at the click of a button.  By using PlanSwift in conjunction with Estimator Platinum you can further reduce the amount of time it takes you to produce an estimate. 

The 5 ways Cordell Estimator Platinum can help grow your business 

  1. Spend less time quoting - Cordell Estimator Platinum will help you reduce the amount of time you spend quoting because of its practical useability and the vast array of building costs at your fingertips.
  2. Minimise cost overruns – monitor costs for each of your jobs with built in cost analysis reporting, helping you avoid expensive cost overruns.
  3. Track the progress of your job – understand how your job is tracking against schedule throughout all stages of the project.
  4. Choose and select data from multiple databases - such as Cordell’s database, your suppliers, or your own.
  5. Avoid rework and duplication - Using the Cordell templates can save you a significant amount of time in creating comprehensive and accurate estimates. Simply select the one that is closest to the job you want to cost.


Key Features

Cordell Estimator Platinum allows you to:

  • Easily add costs to your estimate from our extensive costing databases
  • View what’s included in any costing recipe
  • Combine with Planswift to take off quantities and get your estimates done even faster
  • Create your own recipes
  • Import your own price lists
  • Update estimates with the latest prices
  • Customise your estimates, including costs and descriptions
  • Access your estimates from anywhere via the internet
  • Never lose an estimate again, with our cloud storage
  • Get daily cost updates
  • Print estimates in a client friendly report with your logo and details
  • Choose from nine different customisable reports
  • Re-use or import standard estimates, no need to reinvent them
  • Use one of our Cordell pre-filled templates to start your estimate
  • Monitor profit for every job with our builder friendly cost tracker
  • Track the progress of your job using the embedded project scheduler
  • Estimator Platinum is user-friendly and easy to learn. But just in case we offer phone support at no extra cost

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access Cordell Estimator Platinum?

Cordell Estimator Platinum is an online solution and is compatible with the following browsers; Internet Explorer, Mozilla Fireforx and Safari.

Who is Cordell Estimator Platinum suitable for?

Cordell Estimator Platinum is ideal for residential and small commercial builders and trades who do high volumes of estimating and complex quotes.

The full version of Platinum is our most comprehensive costing system giving you access to the most extensive datasets and estimating recipes, combined in an easy-to-use dashboard. It makes estimating, reporting and job and client management a breeze.