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Accessible 24/7 within the platform
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Recipes are popular combinations of components
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Find items and recipes quickly and effectively

Spend less time quoting

Access extensive databases and complete recipes to make estimating, reporting and project management faster and easier than ever. With over 445 categories, our database will help you estimate a job quickly and with confidence, regardless of the type of job you are doing.

Our databases are updated daily to give you the most up-to-date prices in the market. A location cost factor has also been calculated for every postcode in Australia, providing an effective way of comparing building costs across the country. All costs factors are available on Platinum and our databases are built following the levels of construction data:

  •  First principles estimating using granular costs
  •  Quick estimating using combined costs
  •  Super-Fast estimating using total rates

Recipe explosions

Estimator Platinum is the only estimating tool that allows you to identify every single component included in a recipe. Take advantage of the 125,500 recipes available to create you estimate and customise functions.

Every recipe includes unit rates and materials prices that can be altered to fit your needs. You are also able to create your own recipes using your components imported from your supplier lists.

Avoid rework and duplication

Cordell Estimator Platinum templates save you time creating comprehensive estimates. Simply select the template closest to the job you want to cost. You can also import standard templates of your own.

Customised reporting system

Cordell Estimator Platinum provides an extensive number of reports that you can customise, preview and print with or without recipe explosions. Estimate pages are customisable sheets where users can adjust pricing (recipes/materials), change categories/descriptions, update prices and expand recipes to see included items. Manage your profit and overheads using a dedicated section and choose to include or exclude these figures in your quote.

Create even faster costings with PlanSwift

Combine Estimator Platinum with PlanSwift to create even faster costings complete with quantity take-offs at the click of a button. PlanSwift helps you work quickly from digital plans, using easy multi-format software to create detailed estimates and take-offs.


As a package, Cordell Estimator Platinum integrates seamlessly with the user friendly PlanSwift take-off tool work to together to give you complete control over your quoting and estimating. Firstly, use PlanSwift to produce automated take-offs from your project plans then send the individual quantities to Cordell Estimator Platinum to get a comprehensive costing for your entire project. Key features:

  • Multi-format software to create detailed estimates and take-offs
  • Use integrated pre-populated formulas to achieve greater efficiencies
  • Work with PDF, JPEG, DWG and scanned drawings
  • Use a sensible folder structure that allows for all individual components
  • Get up to speed quickly with easy to use point and click interface
  • Utilise assembly tabs that provide a multitude of quantities with just one measurement, so that you can take-off quantities with a few clicks of a button