Accurate cost estimates at your fingertips. You have enough to worry about. Let us save you time and stress. 

Free up your schedule

At the moment you may be forced to do your estimates whenever you can find a gap in your day, or in the evenings when all your other daily deliverables have been met. With Cordell Estimator Platinum, more of that time could be allocated to building your business, or getting more important tasks completed.

Create estimates fast

Cordell Estimator Platinum lets you:

  • Build and design quotes in no time utilising our templates or importing your own.
  • Access reliable cost estimates on everything from a simple plasterboard wall to a complete kitchen, or an entire building project.
  • Customise estimates by converting them to Microsoft Word.
  • Access a comprehensive construction cost database, available in Australia and New Zealand


Quote with confidence

Whether you need to provide estimates on a single item or a more complex project, Cordell Estimator is able to provide up-to-date costing data for commercial, residential, renovation and insurance claims, including for:

  • Building materials
  • Labour rates in all states and jurisdictions in Australia and New Zealand
  • Remove, dispose, and install rates
  • Element costs
  • M2 residential commercial building costs
  • Location cost factors

Turn around projects more efficiently

Cordell Estimator Platinum helps you:

  • See the status of your projects at all stages.
  • Manage any cost leakages.
  • Reduce cost overruns.
  • Complete your project within budget.


Estimator Platinum combined with Planswift and The Cordell Take-off Tab

Planswift, when used in conjunction with Cordell Estimator Platinum, is designed to help increase the accuracy of estimates by ensuring quantities are calculated to the individual project specifications.

  • The Cordell Tab helps speed up estimating and quantity ordering using detailed, elemental, and multiple quantities take-off assemblies.
  • Load your construction plans and images with easy-to-use Point & Click and Drag & Drop - draw square meters, linear meters and dot count. 
  • Take control of your quantities by using multiple quantity take off and export to excel containing category sort codes.
  • Calculate the elemental quantities for the building works based on a breakdown of your project.

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