Are listed for sale each year on average
Are listed for rent each year on average
Residential Properties
Receive development approval each year on average

Flexible property monitoring

Property Monitor allows you to monitor your customer books as they update over time, or target properties regionally within Australia. Options are available to allow you to choose how often you want to receive notifications, ensuring the information can best be utilised by your organisation.

Property Monitor provides you with opportunities to talk to your customer base about products at a time when they are most receptive to your message, increasing opportunities for conversion. By tailoring your communications, you can talk to your customers’ specific needs and requirements at a point in time, ensuring your retention strategy is working optimally.

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Property and consumer insights

Approximately 6% of residential properties in Australia are listed for sale, sold and listed for rental every year. Get insights at an individual property level or portfolio level on key property event triggers: Listing for sale, Listing for rent, Sold, Development applications and Anniversary of sale. Property Monitor enables you to select additional information regarding the property including attributes, estimated value or consumer insights.

Grow your customer base

If you are looking to grow your customer base, Property Monitor allows you to target and monitor properties that match your growth profile, whether geographically or by specific property attribute. Knowing when to target these potential future customers with your message is critical in ensuring success.


Switch on a range of events

Property Monitor allows you to be alerted to property sales, listings, and rental activity, but there are additional opportunities available. Notification of property sale anniversary dates provide opportunities when customers are likely nearing the initial term on many contracts. Notification of residential development approval activity allows you to target households that are undergoing significant structural change.